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Weapon (shortsword), legendary (requires attunement)

The artillery sword has a rifle barrel embedded along the length of the blade. When used as a melee weapon, it deals 2d6 slashing damage on a hit.

Charges. The artillery sword holds 8 charges, all of which replenish daily at dawn. While attuned to this item, the user may expend charges to cast one of the following spells with a spell save DC of 17:

  • Fire storm. (8 charges)
  • Fire strike. (4 charges)
  • Fireball. (2 charges)
  • Burning hands. (1 charge)

Cursed. This sword has two curses enchanted into it. Each time an ability is used, the user must make a DC(10) Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, the spell's target or center of origin becomes the user instead of the intended target.

Additionally, while the user is attuned to this sword, they are only able to speak for one hour every 24 hours. This hour is random and varies from day to day.

If remove curse is used on this sword, it will lift one of the sword's active curses at random for 24 hours. After a 3rd remove curse spell is cast on you within 24 hours, you become unattuned to the sword.

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