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Magic Weapons, Featured and Quality

These artifacts have been vetted through the Featured Articles or Quality Articles process and are suitable for any normal campaign.

Magic Weapon Rarity Type

Magic Weapons

Magic Weapon Rarity Type
Aaridytun Flail very rare heavy flail
Accruba Dagger very rare dagger
Accurate Weapon common (+1), uncommon (+2), or rare (+3) any
Acid Arrows (20) uncommon arrows
Adamantine Meteor legendary warhammer
Adder of Strife uncommon spear, dagger
Aegis Sword legendary longsword
Aetherius, the Dragon Slayer legendary greataxe
Agreious Legendary rapier
Alash'Serrar Legendary Chain Blade
Alchemist's Hilt very rare sword hilt
Alley Cat Fangs legendary dual daggers
Alpha Uncommon/Rare any
Amitola's Blade rare rapier
Ancestral Weapon varies any
Ancient Arrow very rare arrow
Angel's Cry Legendary Spear
Angelic Bow very rare any bow
Angelic Lance very rare halberd
Angelic Sword very rare any sword
Anthem rare shortsword
Anti Magic Edge rare any
Apollo's Wrath legendary any bow
Aquamarine Dagger rare dagger
Areis's Second legendary any sword
Armor Decimator very rare lucerne hammer
Arrow of Frost common arrow
Arrow of Razorwind uncommon arrow
Arrow of Seeking rare arrow
Arrow of Yondu legendary arrow
Arrow of the Assassin uncommon arrow
Artifice Sword rare longsword
Artillery Sword Legendary shortsword
Assassin Dagger uncommon dagger
Assassin’s Dagger very rare dagger
Astorian Arms very rare any weapon
Astorian Sword rare any sword
Atomizer of Decimation legendary long sword
Avalanche Hammer legendary any hammer
Axe of Bloodletting rare any axe
Axe of Changing State very rare varies
Axe of Hurling uncommon handaxe
Axe of Pain rare greataxe
Axe of Rage legendary greataxe
Axe of the Hunter rare any axe
Axe of the Mighty Olaf rare battleaxe
Axe of the furyborn legendary battleaxe
Axel legendary longsword
Azek's Will legendary drill
Azrael's Rapier legendary rapier
Balmung legendary greatsword
Bane Weapon rare any axe or sword
Bane of the Abyss legendary greatsword
Barbarian Club very rare greatclub
Bare legendary longsword
Battlecry legendary rapier
Beacon Bow uncommon bow or crossbow
Beaten Frostrim very rare broken sword
Berserk Hammer uncommon warhammer
Biggoron's Sword Legendary Bigger Greatsword
Black Keys uncommon dual kodachis
Black River Scimitar very rare scimitar
Black Rose legendary longsword
Blade Of The Ice Dragon Legendary longsword
Blade of Bludgeoning common any sword
Blade of Coldfire legendary any sword
Blade of Earth's Rage legendary longsword
Blade of Eldritch Power legendary any sword
Blade of Glory's Wrath legendary greatsword
Blade of Levistus legendary any sword
Blade of Misty Step Rare Any sword
Blade of Mourning legendary longsword
Blade of Olympus uncommon greatsword
Blade of Power Absorption legendary rapier
Blade of Sheol rare any sword
Blade of Stygia very rare longsword
Blade of Warding Rare +1, Very Rare +2, Legendary +3 All
Blade of the Arcanist, +1, +2, or +3 rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) any sword
Blade of the Burnt Hand legendary longsword
Blade of the Moonwalker legendary longsword
Blade of the Nephalem Very Rare Any one-handed blade
Blade of the Patient Master rare any sword
Blade of the Warforged Very Rare Any slashing weapon
Bladed Bracer rare shortsword
Blades of Hanzo legendary shortsword
Blesk Blade rare any sword
Blink Dog Blade rare dagger
Blitz Legendary Two Dual-Bladed Glaives
Blitzkrieg very rare greataxe
Blizzard Sword very rare greatsword or longsword
Blood-Sword Legendary Greatsword
Bloodbringer legendary halberd
Bloodletting Blade rare dagger
Bloodlust very rare dagger
Bloodspear Artifact Spear
Bloodthirster legendary longsword
Bloodthirsty Battleaxe Bloodthirsty Battleaxe Rare battleaxe
Bloodvenom Whip very rare whip
Blue Coral Snake Bomb uncommon Miniature Explosive
Bomb Arrow rare arrow
Bone Staff Very Rare quarterstaff
Boomerang Machete rare shortsword
Boomerang of Retrieval uncommon boomerang
Bow of Light uncommon longbow
Bow of Resistance bow
Bow of Sun Rays uncommon any bow
Bow of The Elements very rare longbow
Bow of Versatility very rare longbow
Bow of Ysgard legendary longbow
Bowstaff Uncommon Simple Weapon,
Bracers of the Blade rare daggers
Brahmastra "Forge Casters" legendary flintlock pistol
Brave Weapon rare any weapon
BrennenYn Artifact longbow
Burial Blade uncommon
Buster Sword of Spirit Very Rare Slabsword
Calibur legendary longsword
Captain's Sword varies longsword
Caretaker's Spade legendary swordspear
Castram very rare shortsword
Celestial Orichalcum Lance legendary lance
Centurion Spear very rare spear, javelin
Chakram of Returning uncommon chakram
Champion's Axe Of Might Legendary Champion's Axe
Chaos Blade, Variant Very Rare Katana
Chaos Blade legendary all swords*
Charge Blade uncommon shortsword or longsword
Charge Blade and Shield common (1 Vial), uncommon (2 Vials), rare (3 Vials), very rare (4 Vials), legendary (5 Vials)
Charged Weapon common any
Chillrend very rare any sword
Chivalrous Weapon legendary sword or lance
Chromatic spears rare spear
Cleveland's Giant Sword Unique greatsword
Clockwork Blade Bow uncommon shortsword, longbow
Clown's Cutter rare dagger
Club of Giant Power uncommon club
Club of Projectile Redirection rare club
Coin Cannon uncommon hand crossbow
Cold Iron Staff legendary quarterstaff
Comet Bow very rare longbow
Confused Greatsword rare greatsword
Copper Dragon Rapier legendary rapier
Corruption Arrow HZD uncommon arrows
Craag's Hellion Hunter rare javelin
Craddlewood Crossblade legendary greatsword and heavy crossbow
Crescent Rose very rare great scythe
Cresweld Straight Sword legendary longsword
Cross Knife legendary longsword
Crow-bar rare Crowbar
Crow Quills very rare rapier and daggers
Crystal Sword very rare longsword
Curling Flame very rare whip
Curling Water very rare whip
Cursed Scourger legendary any sword
Cutlass of Ocean Storms rare cutlass
Cybertronian Blade Very Rare sword
Cygnus Alpha Legendary Firearm
Dagger of Adrenaline rare, very rare or legendary dagger or shortsword
Dagger of Death's Hand legendary dagger
Dagger of Five Elements very rare dagger
Dagger of Healing very rare dagger
Dagger of Piercing very rare dagger
Dagger of Running rare dagger
Dagger of Shadows rare dagger
Dagger of Silence rare dagger
Dagger of Yysmoira rare dagger
Dagger of the Abyss legendary dagger
Dagger of the Offhand Warrior very rare dagger
Daggermaster's Blade very rare dagger
Dancer's Enchanted Swords very rare scimitar
Darkhunter's Spear very rare spear
Dawn's Edge legendary longsword
Dawn Uncommon LongSword
Dawnbreaker legendary longsword
Dawnbringer legendary longsword
Dead King's Blade legendary greatsword
Deathcleaver legendary greataxe
Deathsnare Whip rare whip
Dec's Mercy Legendary Double Weapon Great Axe
Dec's Wrath Very Rare Double Weapon Scythe
Deku Stick common greatclub
Demon Scythe Abygale legendary crescent scythe
Demon Slayer very rare falx
Deus Ex Calibre very rare Simple Pistol
Devil's Chamber very rare revolver
Diode very rare dagger
Dirk of Synchrelicy very rare dagger
Divine Rapier Very Rare Rapier
DoomBlade Legendary Greatsword
DragonFang Rare maul, axe, pick
Dragon Crystal Blade very rare longsword
Dragon Master's Sword very rare katana
Dragon Tooth legendary maul
Dragon Tooth Dagger legendary dagger
Dragonbone Club of Reinvigoration legendary Club
Dragonfang Longbow Legendary shortbow, longbow
Dragonhorn Bow rare shortbow or longbow
Dragonslayer, Variant Artifact Slabsword
Dragonslayer Artifact Greatsword
Dragonslayer Greataxe legendary greataxe
Dragonslayer Swordspear, Variant very rare swordspear
Dragonslayer Swordspear very rare swordspear
Dragonspine Axe legendary battleaxe
Dread Bow rare longbow
Drigonlay rare shortsword
Druid Claw rare clawed bracer
Druid Serpent Spear rare spear
Durendal legendary shortsword
Dwarven Axe of Change very rare battleaxe
Dwarven Bane very rare battleaxe
Dwarven Blade rare any sword
Dwarven Spear rare spear, pike, glaive, halberd, javelin or trident
Eagle Bow rare any bow or crossbow
Earth Mother's Thorn very rare dagger
Ebony rare rapier
Ebony Blade legendary greatsword
Edge of Subtlety rare dagger, shortsword, or rapier
Eira legendary spear
Eldritch Bow rare any bow
Electric Ixalik rare lance
Elemental's Bane Legendary Great Hammer (2-handed)
Elemental Axe very rare greataxe or handaxe
Elemental Blade rare longsword
Elemental Weapon varies any
Elementalist's Bow legendary any bow
Elis'vor, The Incandescent legendary glaive
Elven Blade uncommon (+0), rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) any sword or dagger
Elven Court Bow very rare longbow or shortbow
Elven Short Spear very rare shortsword, glaive
Elven Spear uncommon spear, pike, glaive, halberd, javelin or trident
Enchanted Obsidian Bludgeon legendary mace
Enchanted Stick common club
Ensilvering Ammunition uncommon (+0), rare (+1), or very rare (+2) any ammunition
Entropic Bone Quarterstaff uncommon quarterstaff
Erubus' Chaos Legendary Light Crossbow
Eternal Ice Blade rare longsword
Ethereal Bow rare any bow
Ethereal Staff Legendary Quarterstaff
Ethereal Weapon rare (+0), very rare (+1), or legendary (+2) any melee weapon
Executioner's Blade uncommon any sword
Explosive Arrows uncommon arrows
Exponential Weapon legendary any
Faen Shortbow very rare shortbow
Falcon Bow rare swallow bow
Fallen Angel legendary longbow
Fallen Star Very rare Hammer, Maul
Fan blades varies Any sword
Fan of the Four Winds very rare battle fan
Fancy Bow very rare any bow
Far Shores rare longbow
Farasta and Lintie, Long Bow and Quiver legendary longbow and quiver
Fate and Fortune rare dagger
Fate and Karma Legendary dagger
Feather Staff rare Quarterstaff
Feindish Presence very rare shortsword
Feyslay rare any
Fiery Bars rare flindbar
Fiore legendary greatsword
Fire Arrow common arrow
Fire Spider Very Rare Any sword
Firedart Javelin common javelin
Firestarter Legendary Maul
Firework Cannon rare hand cannon
Flail of Madness Very rare (+1), Legendary (+2) any flail
Flame Arrows (20) common arrows
Flamemaker very rare halberd
Flamesmash uncommon maul
Flamesnare Whip very rare whip
Flaming Battle Pan very rare battle pan
Flaming Berserker rare greataxe or greatsword
Flaming Eyes of K'Varn rare flail
Flangil rare shortsword
Flaying Dagger rare dagger
Flurry Bow rare Shortbow
Flying Blade rare double sword and throwing glaive
Flying Spear Very Rare spear
Force Dragon Blade very rare longsword
Forge Breaker rare light hammer, warhammer, or maul
Forge Ringer rare light hammer, warhammer, or maul
Freeze Arrow uncommon arrows
Freeze Arrow HZD uncommon arrows
Freeze and Flame Very Rare handaxes
Friede's Great Scythe very rare scythe
Frost's Bite legendary any sword
Frost Arrows (20) common arrows
Frostbite Axe rare greataxe
Frostfire Axe legendary battleaxe
Frozen Star very rare morningstar
Fume Greatsword legendary greatsword
Fume Ultra Greatsword, Variant very rare greatsword
Fume Ultra Greatsword very rare greatsword
Fun Gun uncommon flintlock pistol
Furious Storm very rare any sword
Furtim Rifle uncommon musket, carbine
Gaia's Fujin Yumi very rare longbow
Gamehunter's Longbow rare longbow
Gamma Velorum Legendary Firearm
Giant Blade rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) greatsword
Giantfall legendary greataxe
Gideon very rare great maul
Githyanki Silver Sword legendary greatsword
Gleaming Knife rare dagger
Gleipnir Rare Whip
Glove of the Corvus Very Rare Gauntlet
Gnome Tremble very rare katana
Goldbrand Very Rare katana
Gradivus legendary trident
Great Eagle Bow very rare shortbow
Great Scimitar uncommon longsword
Greataxe of Anti-Faith legendary greataxe
Greatsword of Artorias legendary greatsword
Greatsword of Cleaving very rare greatsword
Grim legendary any sword
Gripsoul legendary longsword
Guiding Blade very rare longsword
Guiding Bow very rare any bow or crossbow
Guido Affondo's spear
Gungnir legendary Spear
Gungnir Spear of Odin Rare Spear
Hammer of Damnation legendary warhammer
Hammer of Might legendary maul
Hammer of the Meteorite legendary light hammer or warhammer
Handaxe of Fate very rare handaxe
Hearthlance legendary lance
Heavenly Array legendary special
Hedron hook uncommon kor hook
Hellforged Sword very rare any sword
Hellnight Artifact Bladed Whip
Hexbreaker Weapon very rare any
Highwire Ammunition common arrow or bolt
Hisen very rare quarterstaff
Hollowflight Arrows uncommon arrow
Holt's Crossbow rare crossbow
Holy Hammer Very rare Hammer, war hammer
Hordebreaker's Bow rare longbow
Hornet's Nest Club uncommon club
Hound Spear rare spear
Huginn & Muninn Rare dagger
Hunting legendary scythe
Hurling Handaxe of Blood very rare handaxe
Hurricane Blade legendary khopesh
Ice Arrow uncommon arrow
Illogical Weapon rare any
Imaginary Blade Legendary Longsword
Immortal's Scimitar uncommon scimitar
Infinity Blade legendary longsword
Ironic Pacifist legendary any sword
It Which Shatters legendary mace
J's Forge rare any hammer
Joker Cards very rare playing card
Junkyard Dog Mk III Legendary Club
Katana of the Unseen Artifact Katana
Keyblade very rare any sword or club
Kiba legendary 2 shortswords
Kinky Whip uncommon whip
Knave's Dart very rare dart
Kori Blade very rare any axe or sword
Kylerion legendary longsword
L'évasion rare Rapier
Lance of Michael legendary lance
Lasso of Hestia legendary whip
Law/Order legendary small pistol
Leviathan's Bane Legendary trident
Leviathan Daggers Legendary dagger
Liar's Cane legendary rapier and whip
Liar's Sabre very rare sword
Life-Siphoning Greataxe legendary greataxe
Life-Steal Dagger uncommon dagger
Life Drinker uncommon battleaxe
Light Arrow legendary arrow
Light Stream legendary any bow
Lightning Axe very rare any axe
Lightning Blade legendary rapier or shortsword
Lizal Boomerang common scimitar
Lizal Forked Boomerang uncommon scimitar
Lizal Tri-Boomerang rare scimitar
Longbow of Smiting legendary longbow
Longsword of Bladesinging legendary longsword
Lor Axe rare double axe or greataxe
Ludwig's Holy Blade common greatsword or longsword
Luring Edge very rare greataxe
Mace of Molag Bal legendary mace
Mace of Obligation rare mace
Mace of the Vampire King legendary mace
Mage Blade very rare any sword
Mage Slayer rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) any sword
Magic Deck Unique N/A
Magma Mace common mace
Magnolia very rare longsword
Malthezar's Magnificent Mace of Metaphysical Malarkey Use at own risk mace
Mana Sword very rare any sword
Mani Katti Legendary Rapier or Elven Longblade
Manslayer rare dagger or any sword
March of the Dead legendary longsword
Master Sword, Variant legendary longsword
Megaton Hammer legendary maul
Mehrune's Razor legendary dagger
Meteor Sword legendary longsword
Meteoric Hammer legendary maul
Miracle Sword uncommon longsword
Mithral Sword rare shortsword
Monk's Bow legendary longbow
Moonlight Greatsword legendary greatsword
Moonslice Blade very rare longsword or rapier
Morne's Great Hammer (Hammer of Mourning) legendary greatclub
Mr. Shifty's Trident legendary trident
Mythril Trailer rare iron claw
Nameless King Swordspear legendary swordspear
Needle Ammunition common arrow or bolt
Nightmare rare halberd
Ninniel Seldarine legendary longsword
Nox's Bow Common Shortbow and Longbow
Néngyuán very rare quarterstaff
OVERLORD's Sword Legendary Longsword
Oblito Falchion rare falchion
Odins Greataxe Very Rare Greataxe
Old One's Bone legendary quarterstaff
Only Friend rare greataxe
Onyx Blade legendary greatsword
Oozing Lash uncommon whip
Orcsbane uncommon crescent cleaver
Parrying Blade rare any sword
Pick of Digging rare war pick
Piercing Twilight rare spear
Pike of Charging very rare pike
Poignant Saber rare any sword
Poisoned Dagger uncommon dagger
Portal Scepter legendary Any Scepter or Staff
Power Staff very rare Quarterstaff, staff
Profaned Greatsword legendary greatsword
Quakestone Hammer very rare warhammer
Quickdraw Revolver rare revolver
REKT (Rapidly Escalating Kill Tactic) Weapon legendary any
Railgun, Pistol uncommon special
Rapier of Armor Piercing very rare rapier
Rapier of Inner Aura Rare Rapier
Rapier of Puncturing rare rapier
Ravager legandary any axe
Rebellion legendary longsword
Reginald the Strongsword Legendary Longsword
Revealing Weapon rare any weapon
Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers legendary longbow
Rhumnam legendary rapier
Rider's Sword rare, very rare, or legendary any sword
Rider's Sword of the Dragon's Bond
Rift Glaive very rare glaive
Righteous Heart very rare longsword
Ritual Dagger Uncommon dagger
River Needle rare rapier
Rose of Ariandel legendary whip
Royal Weapon rare any weapon
Rudolph´s Meatcleaver rare greataxe, battleaxe
Runed Cane Sword rare shortsword
Runic Blade legendary any sword
Runic Gunblade Rare Gunblade
Ruyi Jingu Bang legendary quarterstaff
Sacrificial Dagger rare dagger
Samehada legendary greatsword
Saturn Dagger uncommon dagger
Scattershot very rare slingshot
Schlagen very rare
Scissor Blade Very Rare Longsword
Scorching Hatchet legendary handaxe
Scythe of Azamara legendary scythe
Scythe of Time Artifact

attunement= not required

two handed, heavy, versatile, finesse
Scythe of the Hunter rare scythe
Sea Dog
Seraph Blade uncommon shortsword
Serrated Sword very rare any sword
Seward Blade very rare cutlass
Shadow Axe very rare handaxe
Shadow Katana longsword
Shadow Reaver rare crescent scythe
Shadowblade legendary any sword
Shadowglass Blade Very Rare Any Bladed Weapon
Shamisen Sword legendary longsword
Sharpshifter rare varies
Shattering Spear very rare glaive, halberd, javelin, pike, spear, or trident
Shield Averting Weapon Uncommon any
Shimmer Bow uncommon longbow
Shining Discus legendary Chakram
Shiva Hailstorm legendary katana
Shock Arrow rare arrow
Shock Arrow HZD uncommon arrows
Shooting Star very rare any bow
Shorecrash very rare maul
Shortsword of Living Wood uncommon shortsword
Shrouded Greataxe rare greataxe
Sickle of Plant Control rare sickle
Sieg'gram legendary longsword
Siege Breaker very rare warhammer or maul
Skull Hammer rare maul
Sky Cleaver Legendary battleaxe
Slime varies melee martial weapon
Sling of Meteors very rare sling
Sling of sacrifice legendary
Slither Sling legendary sling
Snake Eyes uncommon shortsword
Snake Sword uncommon longsword
Sniper's Bow very rare greatbow
Solar Instrument legendary greatsword, longbow
Soul Blade rare (+1), very rare (+2), legendary (+3) any sword
Soul Eater, variant Rare (evolving weapon)
Soul Eater rare evolving weapon
Soul eater greatsword variant rare Greatsword
Space Stone Very rare
Spark Rod common club
Spear of Akatosh legendary spear
Spear of Combustion rare spear
Spear of the Druids very rare spear
Spear of the Warriors Might legendary Spear
Spectral Bow very rare longbow
Speed Blade rare longsword
Speed Weapon Rare Any weapon, except ammunition
Spell Controlling Whip Blade Rare Level 1-5, Very rare level 6-10, Legendary level 11-20 Longsword, Whip
Spell Render uncommon any sword
Spellbinder legendary whip
Spellblade rare any sword
Spiked Flail of Darkness very rare flail
Spirit Crossbow uncommon any crossbow
Spoon of Godly Cuisine rare spoon
Sseth Scimitar Legendary Scimitar
Staff of Oblivion
Staff of the Redeemer legendary quarterstaff
Stand Arrow pretty rare tbh arrows
Steady Guard Rapier very rare rapier
Steambolt Rifle uncommon special
Stiganfal Very Rare longbow
Storm Bringer legendary broadsword
Storm Hammer rare light hammer or warhammer
Storm Whip rare whip
Stormsnare Whip rare whip
Strike Bow uncommon any bow
Sun's Wrath legendary longsword
Sun Blade, Variant uncommon (+0), rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) any sword
Super Bug-Catching Net rare bug-catching net
Supernal War Hammer Very rare Hammer, war hammer
Swift Flame legendary shortsword
Swift Rapier legendary rapier
Sword of Champions uncommon (+0), rare (+1), or very rare (+2) any sword
Sword of Fenris legendary longsword
Sword of Fire and Ice Legendary Longsword
Sword of Flying Very Rare Greatsword
Sword of Glory's Wrath legendary greatsword
Sword of Lifestealing rare
Sword of Necromancy very rare any sword
Sword of Power - Clarent legendary shortsword
Sword of Power - Excalibur legendary shortsword
Sword of Power - Joyeuse legendary shortsword
Sword of Shapes uncommon longsword
Sword of Vanchilia legendary greatsword
Sword of the Bards legendary any sword
Sword of the Divine uncommon rapier
Sword of the Duat very rare longsword
Sword of the Lawful rare Longsword
Sword of the Phoenix Legendary Any sword
Sword of the Unicorn Slayer rare any sword
Sword of ththe Monster Hunter Longsword
Swords of Light and Darkness Legendary Longsword
Swords of Night and Day Legendary Longsword
Sylph Sword Rare Arming Sword
Talonsbane rare footwear
Taulmaril's Quiver Legendary Quiver and Arrows
Taulmaril legendary longbow
Tearblast Arrow HZD uncommon arrows
Teeth of the Gallows very rare any sword
Tenseiga legendary katana
Tessaiga legendary katana
That Time of the Month legendary. Sword
Thaze's Glaive Rare Glaive
The 4 Skinner Legendary any sword
The Accursed Rakuyo Legendary Longsword
The Batter rare greatclub
The Black Rose legendary heavy revolver
The Blade legendary katana
The Catcher rare man catcher
The Chosen One very rare any
The God Slayer legendary greataxe
The Gutter very rare greataxe
The Hilt of Many Blades Artifact any sword
The Hybrid Blade legendary any sword
The Lashing Python Legendary Whips
The Lemons of Life Rare Quarterstaff
The One Hit Killer rare Sword (any type)
The Sword and the Emerald uncommon (+1), rare (+2), or very rare (+3) any sword
The Trident of The Drowned legendary Trident
Thief's Dagger common dagger
Thieving Blade uncommon dagger, shortsword, or rapier
Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury legendary longbow
Thorn, Crusader of the Falling Sky legendary glaive
Throwing Weapon common any melee weapon without the heavy property
Thunder Sword rare any sword
Thunderbolt Iron Weapon rare any
Thunderlight, Blade of the Storm very rare katana
Thunderstaff very rare any melee weapon that deals bludgeoning damage
Thurrum, Axe of the North very rare greataxe
Tieren legendary scimitar
Time Warp Legendary Longsword
Titus bracer uncommon spear, dagger
Townshend's Cudgel common quarterstaff
Trident of Atlantis legendary
True Crescent Scythe uncommon crescent scythe
Twelfth Blade very rare any sword
Twin Dragon Bow rare longbow
Ultra Sword rare any sword
Undead Longbow legendary longbow
Undine Overflow very rare katana
Unholy Moonlight legendary greatsword
Valefor Rampage very rare katana
Valorheart legendary broadsword and buckler
Vampire Killer rare whip
Vampiric Blade legendary any sword
Vampiric Kings Blade Rare shortsword
Vampiric Weapon rare any
Vengeance is Mine Legendary longsword
Venomous Bow very rare any bow or crossbow
Vile Arrows (20) uncommon arrows
Villager Sword legendary shortsword
Vincent's Sword very rare longsword
Void Blade Artifact Greatsword
Volendrung legendary maul
Volt's Uprising legendary katana
Vowedge very rare longsword
Wabbajack legendary
Wave Fury very rare maul
Weapon, Elemental uncommon (+1d4), rare (+1d6), or very rare (+1d8) any
Weapon of Boosting uncommon any
Weapon of Elemental Power uncommon any weapon with the ammunition property
Weapon of Fluctuating Accuracy common any
Weapon of Smiting varies any melee weapon
Weapon of Unerring Accuracy, +1, +2, or +3 uncommon (+1), rare (+2), or very rare (+3) any
Whip of Archaeology uncommon whip
Whip of the Broken Slave Masters (Ur-del Sur D’une) Artifact whip
White Sword rare longsword
Wind Cutter uncommon any slashing melee weapon
Windslicer legendary rapier
Winter's Claws rare handaxe
Winter's Fang very rare shortbow
Witch Bow very rare longbow
Witherwhip very rare whip
Wolf's Fang legendary greatsword
Yamato Legendary Katana
Yami legendary any bladed weapon
Yeoui legendary quarterstaff
Yggdrasil Bow legendary longbow
Yin Yang Blade very rare longsword
Yo-Yo of Dooooooom rare yo-yo
Yojimbo Onslaught very rare katana
Yuan-Ti Slave Masters Whip very rare whip
“Fate Sealer” Very Rare Heavy Revolver

Incomplete Magic Weapons

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