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Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

This large, magical top hat has multiple extra-dimensional properties. It has 5 charges, and regains all 5 at dawn.

Enlarge. When making the Disengage action while wearing the hat, a charge can be used to make the hat become large and envelop the user. When this happens, the user loses all speed, but gains a flight speed of 20 feet, as well as 10 temporary hit points. The user's AC becomes 15 regardless of whether it was higher or lower previously. The user may return the hat to normal size as a bonus action, causing the loss of any leftover temporary hit points, and this also occurs automatically when the temporary hit points are removed. A user can only remain in the hat for 1 minute before beginning to suffocate.

Three Card Monty. As a bonus action while inside the hat, a charge can be consumed to create two illusionary copies of the hat in the same space, each with 10 hit points and 15 AC. Each can be commanded to move to a location as a bonus action. When using this ability, the original hat appears to split into three hats, so no observing creature can immediately discern the original.

Hat of Holding. The hat also functions as a bag of holding, able to store up to 500 lbs or 64 cubic feet of material inside of itself, including the user.

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