Demon Scythe Abygale (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (crescent scythe), legendary (requires attunement)

This scythe was forged from the fangs and scales of a death dragon, who was known for stealing the soul of any warrior willing to challenge it. The dragon's power was said to be so great that no one who challenged it live to tell the tale.

Spells This weapon holds 15 charges, which can be used to cast soul cage[1] (6 Charges), blade barrier (6 Charges), destruction wave[2] (5 Charges), and disintegrate (6 Charges). This weapon regains 2d4 + 3 expended charges daily at midnight.

Soul Stealer. Upon hitting a creature with this scythe, the target takes 2d8 additional necrotic damage. You are also healed by an amount equal to half of the damage dealt, rounded up.

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