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Weapon (flail), rare (major tier) (requires attunement)

It is said that, when gods die, their remains drift endlessly within the astral plane, from which new gods are born. This weapon is rumored to be made of the very material.

The Soul Chain, while unattuned, functions as a poorly made mace, as the black, crystalline handle is fused to the ball. Small cracks in the structure are found, filled with glimmering silver. Of course, this weapon's name doesn't come from nowhere, as when an attuned creature grips the weapon, the ball shoots forth, as the chain comes into place. Immaterial, this chain seems to be made out of the night sky itself, as it has a soft blue glow, dotted by smaller lights.

Attuning to this weapon is a painful process, as the connection binds it to your very soul, it becoming a part of your being. However, this process seems to be what manifests the chains, and by using the same power, you can also manipulate it, causing it to extend and wrap around targets, as you force it into physicality.

Magical. This weapon has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Extend the Chain. As an action, you can make an attack with this weapon against any target within 25 feet. On a hit, it deals no damage, but you are now connected to it. As an action, you can end this connection, or move up to your speed towards the target. This connection ends if you are ever more than 50 feet away from the target.

Soul Shackle. When you hit a target with Extend the Chain, you can instead force them to make a DC 16 Strength saving throw. On a failure, the target is now restrained, and they can reroll the save at the start of their next turn. You can do this twice, regaining both uses at dawn.

Additionally, you can pull a target closer towards yourself. As an action, roll a contested Strength (Athletics) check against the target. On a success, you force the target to move up to 10 feet closer to you.

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