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Weapon (rapier), legendary (requires attunement)

This finely crafted rapier is enchanted with the thrill of battle, when you listen closely you can hear the blade producing a high pitched humming sound like that of a bee. You gain a +3 to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon which deals an extra 1d4 thunder damage on hit as it lets out a sound not unlike the strumming of a lute. You can use an action to raise the sword skyward and shout 'I call the spirits of battle to me'. In response, 2d6 warrior spirits appear within 60 feet of you each with a 1d12 inspiration dice. They use the statistics of a berserker. They return to whatever plane they were called from after 1 hour or when they drop to 0 hit points. Once you use this feature, it can’t be used again until 7 days have passed.

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