Tzeechian Psychic Bracers (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Daggers/Bracers), Legendary (Requires attunement)

A pair of dark blue feathered bracers bound with golden hoops shaped like clenching bird claws which are unclenched until put onto a host.The chaos god of Tzeentch lord of change and master of manipulation will leave these bracers to be found by an intelligent and ambitious warrior who wishes to dig deep into the depths of magical and worldly knowledge.They offer the wielder great power but demand payment in return with a cold croaking and cackling choice this sentient pair of bracers with Int 22 (+6) Wis 20 (+5) and Cha 18 (+4) the bird like voice of the bracers unlock secrets and help weave plots to empower both Tzeentch and the user these include masterful spell manipulation as well as a pair of psychic blades

Spellcasting,snatching,and stealing--- The bracers know two spells to begin with the spells guidance and true strike but these can only target the user and be used in melee combat when the blades are out and can be used with a bonus action simultaneously without taking concentration. for each two times you level up you may add one more divination spell to the bracers and cast it for free in or out of combat these spells progress until fifth level the gauntlets themselves can cast any divination spells to the DMs advantage and its spell casting ability is intelligence and its save is 22. Finally you may cast counterspell once per day and retain the spell no matter what level for one round before releasing it again as if you cast it again

The psychic blades of the bracers extend from a pair of large blue polished sapphires from their center they are considered daggers and deal 1D4 piercing and 1D6 psychic damage per strike the shields of psychic energy also increase your AC by 1

Finally with a Tzeentch greater demon speaking in your ear you are being manipulated at all times defy the voice and you will see the true power of lying tongues and misused divination and you receive some negative side effects from this voice as well roll 1D4 to determine

1.Paranoid: I know the powers of divination and can never fully trust any other spell casters they must already know too much

2.God complex:I already know everything nothing is hidden to me and as much as I can't say it doesn't mean it can't show it off you must show off the divination powers you have "borrowed"

3.Slave: I cannot defy the voice the bird controls my every move I will not cannot resist a creature so powerful

4.Change: All things change why should I be an exception your alignment changes on a random 1-9 roll every morning the dm rolls a D10 and ignoring 10 your alignment changes based on that number and the alignment chart and you must play as that alignment until the next long rest

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