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Sentient Items

Sentient Item Rarity Type Subtype
Adrian legendary Weapon battleaxe
Aestus Estus very rare Weapon greatsword
Aeternum Vinculum Legendary Amulet
Alexander Legendary Staff
Alfred legendary Weapon crossbow, heavy
Andraste legendary Wondrous Item arcane focus
Apicius Uncommon Weapon longsword
Arihant very rare Weapon shortsword
Armads legendary Weapon greataxe
Armor of the Primes legendary Armor heavy
Ascalon legendary Weapon longsword
Blair Artifact Wondrous Item Pendant
Bloodmourne Legendary Weapon greataxe
Bloodsong Legendary Weapon longsword
Calandil legendary Weapon shortsword
Cataract legendary Weapon falchion
Celaena legendary Weapon rapier
Cerberbuss legendary Weapon cerberbuss rifle
Chloe legendary Wondrous Item ring
Crawling Bracelet of Meenlock very rare Wondrous Item
Crimson Dawn legendary Weapon scimitar
Dagger of Faust Legendary Weapon dagger
Darius Legendary Weapon Staff
Destin legendary Weapon warglaive
Dolos very rare Ring
Eiryka legendary Weapon longsword
Elis'vor, the Incandescent legendary Weapon warglaive
Emberfist legendary Weapon caestus
Grimluck legendary Weapon finesse sickle
Halfhilt rare Weapon dagger
Hat of Wonders Legendary Wondrous item
Hiyori legendary Weapon katana
Ignus legendary ring
Jack's Ripper Ring legendary Ring
Kataima Incarnate legendary Weapon varies
La Fleur du Mal legendary Weapon longsword
Lil' Gus uncommon Wondrous Item Ventriloquist Dummy
Lolth's Glaive legendary Weapon dual-bladed glaive
Neekar very rare Weapon broadsword
Nimi legendary Weapon nunchaku
Olivia legendary Wondrous Item viol
Pahlem legendary Weapon greatsword
R'lyeh legendary Weapon greatsword
Ripper legendary Weapon shortsword
Sandstorm very rare Weapon scimitar
Serastial legendary Weapon longsword
Silversteel Uncommon Weapon a silvered shortsword
Slipknot Legendary Weapon Flail
Sumarbrander legendary Weapon shortsword
Sumroon rare Staff
Sunlight Rose legendary Weapon great scythe
Telestia legendary Weapon katana
The Chadius Blade Legendary Weapon Bastard Sword (5e Equipment)
The Heart Wall legendary Armor shield
The Helm of Ancient Souls legendary Armor Helmet
The Mimic Sword rare Weapon longsword
The Staff of Tzeentch Legendary Staff
The Sword of Swords Legendary Weapon Sword
The Thespian Mask legendary Wondrous Item Mask
Urf-Dreed Ak-Di-Mar very rare Weapon greatsword
Vest of Happiness legendary Wondrous Item Vest
Vielot very rare Weapon maul
Vince The Vine legendary Varies Varies
Wilt and Bloom legendary Weapon katana and crossbow, light
Winterweiss legendary Weapon rapier
Wisecracker legendary Weapon mace
Yungouth Legendary Weapon Greatbow
Yuri Legendary Weapon Greatsword
Ōdachi of the Dawn Lion legendary Weapon ōdachi

Incomplete Sentient Items

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