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Weapon (quarterstaff), legendary (requires attunement)

A marvelous piece, if not for it's inhabitant. The Jade Scepter is coated in it's namesake, with lining of gold and obsidian covering the rest. You have a +1 to attack and damage rolls made with the scepter.

Chi Blast. The Jade Scepter has 10 charges, and regains 2 at the start of your turn. You can spend 5 charges to make attacks with the scepter as blasts of chi at a range of 60 feet, using your normal attack and damage modifiers. These chi blast attacks deal an extra 1d4 force damage.

Cursed. At the end of every month, an apparition of the Scepter's spirit releases, and approaches you with a deal, either sacrifice yourself to gain more power, or give up the staff. If you give up the staff, you immediately become unattuned to it as it is teleported to a location roughly 3d6 + 6 miles away.

If you choose to sacrifice yourself, the bonus to attack and damage rolls increases by +1, and Chi Blast attacks deal an extra 1d4 force damage. However, the Scepter will now try to impose it's will on you. When you try to do something that the Scepter doesn't approve of(including not sacrificing yourself for more power), you must make a DC 10 Charisma saving throw, or be forced to take the action the Scepter prefers. This DC increases by 3 for every time you accept this deal. The third time you do so, you are now completely under the Scepter's control, and it no longer offers the deal.
Sentience. The Jade Scepter is a mischievous and cruel intelligence, seeking only to gain more power for it's wielder, eventually granting more power to itself. It has an Intelligence of 16, a Wisdom of 15, and a Charisma of 20. It can speak Common, Infernal, and Abyssal, and has a blindsight of 120 feet.
Personality. To speak to the Jade Scepter is to essentially speak directly to your inhibitions, a coalition of every dark thought that has ever crossed your mind, pushing you towards them forever and always.

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