Crawling Bracelet of Meenlock (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement)

The bracelet resembles a large metal centipede that wraps around your wrist. It is a dark yet shiny metal but no one knows what the metal is.

Sentience. The bracelet can come to life when you speak the command word and can move around like a centipede. The bracelet can bite a target- +2 hit (1d4 +1) and has an hp of (2d8 +4). The bracelet has an intelligence of 16, a wisdom of 12, a charisma of 8, and is unaligned. The bracelet communicates with the user by telepathy and can understand any language the user understands. It has strong, sharp metal pincers that can easily cut through rope and wood. It takes longer for it to burrow through stone. It can cut through metal but it will take some time and it can cut no larger than 1 in of metal in any direction per minute. The bracelet also has the option of having a potion loaded into it. The user may load any potion by pouring the potion into an opening on the top of the head. The next target the bracelet bites will take the effect of the potion loaded. The bracelet had some history involving Meenlocks. No one knows exactly how it was involved but it developed an unusual ability. It gives off an aura of fear making it harder for the user to speak to others (user gains -2 Charisma)
Personality. The bracelet does not speak unless spoken to unless it must inform the user of a danger or a suspicion. The bracelet has loyalty to no one except its user. It is strong willed but not haughty. Once the user spends time with it the user may find that the bracelet will be more open to the user and have actual conversations with them.

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