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Wondrous Item (Vest), legendary (requires attunement by a good aligned character)

The Vest of Happiness was created by Vidfur the god of fun. he created it to be perfect but his idea of perfect was a little off. in appearance the Vest looks like a normal leather vest but completely gold in color because it's made of enchanted golden threads. it has one pocket that is always filled with useful things even though it always appears empty from the outside

Sentience. The Vest of Happiness is Chaotic good and has an Intelligence score of 16 (+3) a Wisdom score of 8 (-1) and a Charisma score of 24 (+7). the vest has hearing, truesight 60 ft and can speak every language. It can communicate telepathically with any creature that it can see.
Personality. The vest or commonly called by Vidfur Goldie, has only one point in life to have fun. although Goldie will serve it's master to the end but will never miss out on a chance to have fun. Goldie is very active and impatient and hates waiting for anything. It often passes the time by telling stories of it's adventures through the multiverse spreading fun and joy.

Goldie wants its owner to try and make people have fun but will still be happy as long as its owner has fun. if it's owner doesn't have fun or try to spread it, Goldie will try to control its owner. If that happens the owner will have disadvantages on wisdom and charisma checks until the owner has fun. Also all the abilities Goldie provides will deactivate. while this is happening the owner can't un-attune

Golden threads The vest of Happiness functions as Splint armor without the strength requirements or stealth disadvantage

pocket of fun on the left side of the Vest of Happiness there is a pocket with a 3 inch by 3 inch opening. it looks like an ordinary pocket but has a 5 foot by 5 foot extra dimensional space inside. if anybody reaches in when there is nothing inside the person who reached in rolls a d6 on anything but a 6 the person has amusement cast on them.

Fun-caster the person attuned to the vest learns the cantrips fun, friends amusement.

Fun bringer once every day the owner of the vest can attempt to make someone of evil alignment good. the target must succeed a dc 10 wisdom check or permanently become of good alignment and good friends with the owner of the vest

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