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Weapon (shortsword), rare (requires attunement)

A sword bound to the very soul of young hero from a far off land. In it's very essence it is that hero, but in the form of a sword. The sword is entirely white with two blue spheres on both sides of the blade near what would be the cross-guard. It was acquired through the sacrifice of an alternate version of the hero that once wielded it.

Sentience. The sword has a Lawful good Alignment as well as an Intelligence Score of 14 (+2), a Wisdom Score of 16 (+3), and a Charisma score of 15 (+2). It may only communicate to the user through any languages the user knows and only through telepathy. It may communicate across an infinite distance, but only with the user bound to the blade. The sword can also see approximately 30 feet in the directions of the two blue spheres on the sides of the sword. Otherwise the sword must be within 30 ft of the person it wishes to speak with. While equipped, the sword enhances the users strength and dexterity by half their proficiency bonus rounded down. In addition, the sword gives the user advantage on any attacks made against creatures of an Evil alignment as well as dealing 2d6 extra damage.
Personality. The sword's personality is that of a young human boy who was once a hero. He seeks to end evil in the land and perhaps even one day reunite with the hero who once wielded him. It refuses to attack creatures that are not of an evil alignment unless it can understand and agrees with the reasoning of the user. If the user attempts to do something that the sword does not agree with, such as thievery, murder, or any manner of crime, it will remove their bonus and instead decrease their strength and dexterity by half their proficiency bonus rounded down until the user is no longer committing the action. It also may communicate an ungodly loud scream to the user, dealing 3d6 + 2 of psychic damage.

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