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wondrous item (cloak and mask), item rarity such as legendary (requires attunement)

There once was a man who was outcast from society for his haggard appearance, who after wandering into a forest at night, went to the brink of starvation. as he came upon a clearing, two beings of power appeared to him. one was enveloped in a golden light, presumably the mans god, and one was radiating a hellish glow, thought to be a devil lord or the like. they each offered to give the man their favor, but he refused them both, knowing of the judgements that they may lay upon him if he failed them. so he walked past them both, and went into the forest once again. suddenly, a third being emerged, this one surrounded by a greenish, deathly aura. this being was the personification of death, and when he offered his favor, the man accepted. he was given a cloak made of black fabric and a ceramic mask with a protrusion similar to a birds beak. these garments gave him not only protection from undeath and death, but also the ability to strike it down themselves. the mask gives blindsight and darkvision for 10 feet, or adds ten feet if they had any blidnsight and darkvision previously. it also grants a resistance for necrotic damage. then there is the cloak. it isnt particularly remarkable, but it has a pocket within that holds a greenish bottle of liquid. when this bottle is opened, a light greenish steam permiates from the bottle. this can be used to resurect any person, with a catch of course. the bottle can only resurrect people who have died less than a day ago, and only once per person. when the bottle is opened, the incarnation of death will appear near the corpse. if the aparition is at the corpses feet, death will allow you to ressurect them. if death is at their head, it is not his will to let them live. you can choose to resurrect them anyway, but this comes at a price...

bottle of resurrection Using an action, you may uncork your bottle of resurrection. when you do this, an apparition will appear to the one who opens it. the apparition will eather be at the head of the corpse, or the feet. if at the corpses feet, death will allow you to resurrect them. if it is at the head, however, that person is meant to be dead and therefore off limits. death will always be at the head if: the body is older than a day, the person has been resurrected by the bottle before, or if the body has been anihilated so completely that there is no discernible head or feet.

Curse. This cloak is cursed the mask and cloak must be worn at the same time and are attuned together as if they were one object --> Attuning to this item curses you until you are targeted by a remove curse spell or similar magic.

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