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Wondrous Item (Hair pin), Artifact (requires attunement)

This hair pin looks like a glowing rainbow lily from an Awakened Rainbow Shrub. It is in fact an immortal trimming from the first eve Awakened Rainbow Shrub which contains said Awakened Rainbow Shrub's soul.
Random Properties. The Hair Pin of the Awakened Rainbow Shrub has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 2 major beneficial properties
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 0 major detrimental properties

Healing flower While attuned and wearing it, you heal 5hp at the start everyone of your turns

Healing giftYou have proficiency in medicine and + 5 to all medicine checks.

Shubbry's spirit While attuned and wearing it, you can summon a Awakened Rainbow Shrub which is the manifestation of Shubbry. This Awakened Rainbow Shrub's flowers are lilies like that look like the hair pin. This Awakened Rainbow Shrub is friendly to you and your allies, follows your orders, can let you see what it sees and communicate with you tellpaticly as long as it is on the same plane as you, defends you and it's self if it is absent of commands. If it is killed you can re-summon it at the next dawn. You can only have one Awakened Rainbow Shrub summoned at a time and you can uses your bonus action to dismiss it. If dismissed you can re-summon it at the end of your next long rest.
Sentience. the Awakened Rainbow Shrub is chaotic good, has the following mental stats: int 10, wis 15, cha 20. It speaks broken common, broken sylvan, broken draconic, and fluent Awakened Shrub. It has a passive Perception of 20, Truesight for 30 ft, Tremorsense for 30 ft, and Darkvision for 60 ft
Personality. The Awakened Rainbow Shrub is extremely friendly and trusting but if that trust is broken(by harming innocent with out good reason or by kill a Awakened Rainbow Shrub or Awakened Shrub) it will forcefully unattune it's self and teleport away. Because it can't speak well it usually tries to communicate with pictures which it shows you mentally. It has an extreme desire to find out what happen to the adventurers who created it.(To dm the adventurers who created it should be either long gone or dead.) It also prefers to be referred to as Shrubby and be called she/them pronouns.
Destroying the Hair Pin of the Awakened Rainbow Shrub. The only way to destroy the Hair Pin of the Awakened Rainbow Shrub is to revive the chromatic greatwyrm that gave the shrub its power and have said chromatic greatwyrm be killed by an Awakened Shrub carrying the hair pin.

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