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Weapon (Greatsword), Legendary (Requires attunement by a character with a dexterity of 18 or more.)

The tall and slender blade of the mighty blade is engraved with depictions of foxes dancing through brushes and cherry tree. The Blade is thin and strong with a refined and sharp edge, its silvery glow is fine and suggests a high societal standing. The handle is red and black with a comfortable and agile grip. The guard is shaped like the head of a Fox with its ears extending outward to be the guard, its snout extending slightly down the handle, and the blade protruding from its head. It has knots and chords engraved on the guard in patterns that are quite illustrious and noble.

The Blade gives off a noble and bestowed air to it, and makes the wielder feel agile and cunning. It is surprisingly light in your hands despite it being a great sword and requires little strength to wield and feels more commanding of dexterity rather than strength.

Snickering Spectators Wielding this blade asserts authority over foxes, and you may call them to your aid in battle once per day you may use one of the following summon abilities. It resets at dawn.

Pipe Foxs You May summon 1 + Charisma Modifier of Pipe Fox (5e Creature), Their Hit points are 1/4 of yours, but cannot exceed 50, they can cast one cantrip you know of the Dungeon masters choosing, or of a random dice roll at the dungeon master's discretion, as well as those they already know. 
Noble Fox You may summon 1 Noble Fox (5e Creature) its hit points are equal to yours and its Ac is increased by 2 points.
Scorch fox You may summon up to 2 (1 + Charisma Modifier) Scorch Fox (5e Creature) their Hit points are 1/2 of yours. 

Conjure twin foxesYou may use the cantrip Conjure Twin Foxes (5e Spell).

Foxes Agility You are not hindered by difficult terrain that is based in a swamp, forest, things like brier brushes, and Hills. Your movement speed increases by 15 ft.

A wild animal You have trouble dealing with newer things, when attuned to this item, you have a disadvantage with martial ranged weapons, and you have a vulnerability on rolls against magical things, to make this clear, if an enchated sword hit you, you would not have disadvantage, but if a wizard threw a magic missile you would have a vulnerability, you have disadvantage on arcana and religion checks.

Sentience. The Vulpus Blade is Chaotic Neutral, has smelling and hearing out to 120 ft. and sight out to 60 ft. It communicates through telepathy with whoever is touching or attuned people in 90 ft. It speaks common and elven, in a high pitched and disturbingly unnatural voice.
Personality. The Vulpus Blade is lighthearted, jokey, and filled with guile. It enjoys playing tricks on others, and likes it when the wielder plays tricks too. It will often make clever jokes about current events, and urge the player to prank or trick people, for instance it may continuously request the pulling down of a fat barman's pants. In the event that the user continuously scolds the sword for its jokes or suggested pranks for a week or is continuously stoic and never takes anytime to enjoy the things around them or refusing to even just crack a few jokes a conflict will occur.

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