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Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

This curious metal disk, about a foot and a half in diameter and two inches thick, is carved delicately with a few mysterious and ancient runes. It is typically only found sealed away within the deepest vaults of magitek-filled dungeons or ruins, due to its immense power. It is believed to be a remnant of a gargantuan and mighty war golem from an age of magitek long gone.

Protective Shield. While attuned to the Ancient Guardian, a bubble of protective force is continually projected around the wearer at all times. This shield of magic grants the wearer a pool of shield points, of which there are a maximum of 100 at any given time. The wearer's AC becomes 10 as long as they have at least 1 shield point.

Whenever the wearer is dealt damage, that damage is instead dealt to their pool of shield points. If the shield reaches 0 shield points, any remaining damage is dealt to the wearer's temporary hit points before finally damaging the wearer itself.
The Ancient Guardian restores 10 shield points for every 30 minutes that passes where no damage was dealt to the wearer or the shield.
The Ancient Guardian additionally regenerates 3 shield points every minute. If the wearer's shield points reach 0, it cannot regenerate shield points until an hour has passed in which no damage has been dealt to the wearer.

Cursed. The Ancient Guardian actively seeks out creatures to bond itself to and is very difficult to remove once it does so.

If the Ancient Guardian is brought within physical contact of a creature, it automatically binds itself to their back and attunes itself, becoming unremovable by any means and unattuning another magic item at random if the target has no available attunement slots. The attunement can be broken, and the device removed, if its wearer does so while having 0 shield points, or if another creature casts a spell such as remove curse on it.

If a creature has successfully broken the Ancient Guardian's attunement, it may be safely removed and cannot attune itself unwillingly to that creature again. If the creature willingly reattunes itself, the curse takes effect once more.
Sentience. The Ancient Guardian is a sapient unaligned wondrous item, with an Intelligence score of 1 (-5), a Wisdom score of 14 (+2), and a Charisma score of 10 (+0). It has blindsight out to a range of 15 feet. The item cannot speak, read, or understand any languages. It shares a one-way empathic bond with its user.
Personality. The Ancient Guardian has no sentience to speak of, but it shares some qualities with those of a loyal pet, such as a dog or a spider. It continuously imparts its intense desire to bond with a creature on every creature it can sense as long as it has no one attuned to it, though this can only be felt by magic users and telepathics. Once it has been attuned and attached to something, it adopts an emotion of satisfied content, and gives its wearer some small satisfying feeling of companionship in moments of quiet. It seems to have no awareness of the state of health of its user, as it will continue its normal functions even if its wearer is undeniably and soundly dead and inanimate.

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