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Weapon (greataxe), legendary (requires attunement by a wielder with at least a Strength score of 17)

Armads the thunder axe. One of two, its sister axe, Garm, is used by Kord himself. Armads Was forged from lightning and Divine Mithril. It has a faintly glowing blue hue, and celestial runes adorn the double sided greataxe. Only the strongest of users may wield this massive greataxe, which grants its user more strength based on the power of its wielder. Armads is renowned for obliterating those smaller and electrifying those larger than the wielder.

Mechanics. Armads gives a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. It deals 1d12 slashing damage plus an additional 1d6 lightning damage, and if the target is larger than the wielder, add 1d6 lightning for every size category that they are bigger. If the target is smaller, add 1d6 slashing damage for every size category that they are smaller. If thrown, the weapon will return to its wielder and has a range of 30ft/80ft. If the wielder has a Strength score of at least 19, they gain advantage on Strength checks and Athletics skill checks while wielding this weapon.

Sentience. Armads is Lawful Neutral, with an Intelligence of 18, Wisdom of 15 and Charisma of 15. It can hear and has darkvision with a range of 120ft. The weapon communicates in the mind of its wielder in a strong female voice. It speaks Common, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, and Giant.
Personality. Armads seeks battle and combat to test itself, It doesn't mind being ruthless, but it will not stand by evil actions. Armads seeks the strongest wielder, and will have an argument with the wielder at the next dawn if they commit an evil deed or run from a battle.

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