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Weapon (warglaive), legendary (requires attunement by a creature with 15 or higher Intelligence)

Destin is a full-sized slate gray glaive with tendrils of gray smoke coming from the blade and divination runes inscribed up and down the handle. The only non-gray piece of the weapon is a golden end-cap with a long-lost dwarven clan insignia on it. The weapon has 16 charges. You have a +3 bonus to your attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon. The wielder may spend charges to cast the following spells without components with Destin.

detect magic (1 charge)
locate object (1 charge)
see invisibility (4 charges)
locate creature (4 charges)
foresight (8 charges)

The weapon regains 1d4+2 charges at dusk. When his last charge is expended, the DM rolls a D20. On a 20, Destin regains 16 charges. On a 1, Destin falls into a dormant state for 10d10 years.

Sentience. Destin is a Lawful Neutral glaive with 18 Intelligence (+4), 11 Wisdom (+0), and 13 Charisma (+1). He can speak, read, and understand all languages, and communicates telepathically to any creature within a 60 foot radius. He has hearing and darkvision out to 60 feet, and truesight out to 20 feet.
Personality. Destin was crafted by a trio of human wizards seven hundred years ago, and given to a clan of Dwarves. The Dwarves selected a champion, called Hjalnar, too wield Destin, and sent the pair to stop an approaching hoard of orcs, trusting in Destin’s ability to see the future to save them. Unfortunately, seeing the future does not mean Destin can change it, and he failed Hjalnar and the clan, which was overrun and wiped out. Destin wishes now only to gather knowledge so that he may never fail his attuned wielder again. If the creature who wields this blade is overtly selfish, a conflict occurs.

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