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Weapon (war saw), very rare (requires attunement)

A great brass saw, held together with now withering wrappings and wood. Emblazoned upon the blade is a great red pair of eyes, which hint towards it's sentient nature. You have a +1 to hit and damage rolls with Gallerhuul.

Gallerhuul was once a legendary dwarven berserker, who had cleaved countless limbs from bodies. He was, however, as erratic as they come. When the wars came to an end, and he was forced to exist in peaceful society, he snapped. After countless years of hunting him down, dwarven authorities finally captured and nearly put him under the guillotine, but the nearby archmage came running with a different punishment.

Critical Ferocity. When you land a critical hit with Gallerhuul, you may immediately make an attack with it again against the same creature. This attack cannot generate attacks itself, and ignores the Loading property if you don't already.

Nearly Insane. At dawn, roll a d100, and consult the mood table. Until thr result changes, this is added to the features of this item. Reducing a creature of CR 1 or higher to 0 hitpoints increases this roll by 5, to a maximum of 100.

Sentience. Gallerhuul is a brutish and cruel personality, trapped inside the saw. It has an Intelligence of 11, Wisdom of 8, and a Charisma of 16. It can speak Common, Dwarven, Orcish, and has a blindsight of 60 feet.
Personality. It is as cruel as the weapon is sharp, and constantly pushes the wielder towards further bloodshed. Although, it knows restraint, and will back off if pushed hard enough to, even if this directly upsets the thing. It is crass, and the last thing it is afraid of doing is speaking it's mind.

Mood Table
d3 Result
1-5 Gallerhuul is furious. All attacks made with it have disadvantage, and deal 10 less damage.
6-30 Gallerhuul is displeased. All attacks made with it deal 5 less damage
30-60 Gallerhuul Isn't dissapointed, but isn't particularly happy either.
60-94 Gallerhuul is pleased. You can ignore the Loading property.
95-100 Gallerhuul is ecstatic. You can ignore the Loading property, and rolls of 19 and 20 land critical hits with it.

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