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Weapon (crossbow, heavy), legendary (requires profiency with heavy crossbows for attunment)

Alfred is a standard heavy crossbow, but where you look down the sights, there is a crystal that contains the face of Alfred. Alfred is a 90-year-old male human with white hair that always has this grumpy look on his face. His nose is large and hooked, and his ears are quite large as well. He always has this super grumpy look on his face. This heavy crossbow holds 12 charges and regains 1d10+2 charges at dawn.

Transforming Bolts: For 3 charges, bolts fired by this weapon can switch their damage type from piercing to any other damage type.

Guided Bolts: If the damage dealt by an attack made by this weapon is 10 or greater, you can roll the damage again by expending 4 charges. The first attack hits, and another creature you can see within range takes the newly rolled damage. This second attack is guaranteed to hit, but the second attack has no chance for this effect.

Meteor Shot: Before doing your attack and damage rolls, you can expend 6 charges to have your bolt be a guaranteed critical and hit. This turns into a form of pure energy similar to a magic missile, but much more powerful. It ignores all resistances. Attacks made with this effect deal pure force damage.

Magical Weapon: You get +2 to all attack and damage rolls made with this weapon

Sentience. Alfred is Chaotic Neutral and has an Intelligence of 15 (+2), Wisdom of 17 (+3) and Charisma of 8 (-1). Alfred sees whatever anybody holding him sees, he can also see down the sights of the crossbow. Alfred can also see from the tip of any bolts launched by the crossbow for 1 minute after launch. Alfred can speak and understand Common.
Personality. Alfred is a wizard's attempt to preserve his father's personality. He placed it inside a crystal but, unfortunately, the wizard's villa was attacked by orcs, and they used the gem to enchant a crossbow. But that was decades ago, and over the years Alfred has exchanged a lot of owners . Alfred has been locked in that gem for years, putting his magical aura into that crossbow. So nowadays, Alfred doesn't like humanoids very much. He will make sarcastic comments whenever you miss and will comment on your ammo usage whenever you run low. (Eg. "Wow have you heard of this neat thing called hitting?" "You know maybe if you hit more this wouldn't be a problem.") He will also talk to your other party members, generally in a snarky demeanor. He will often point out your flaws and generally be mean to you. However, he does little more than insult you. He will generally try to help you on your quest as long as he likes you. Even if he likes you, he will still insult you, but he may insult you less and in less hurtful ways.

Alfred can grow to like people who will reply sarcastically to him, as he tends to respect you more for not taking his insults personally. This might disgruntle people who are easily offended, or it may cause issues for party members who refuse to work with Alfred's bully-like personality. Some might find Alfred's action inappropriate to the point where they want him gone, or maybe others will become angry with the person who wields Alfred.

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