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Weapon (Flail), Legendary

Slipknot is a Flail of abyssal origin, made by a coven of Chain Demons in an era long forgotten. As for the soul that inhabits it no one exactly knows what it is, some say it is a man wrongly convicted of a crime he didn't do and hanged for it, others say it was a little girl who had her heart toyed with one too many times, drove over the edge, given a second chance, and chose to bring revenge similar to how she was tortured, some say that it was a sheriff of an old town corrupted and hung anyone who looked at him funny, but was hung for what he did, and last but certainly not the worst theory, is that it was simply a soul forged in the fires of the hell from whence the demons came made to be the perfect soul for what it was designed for, But no matter where the soul came from one thing is known, it is determined to bring justice across the land and to make those who do evil, to meet the law at the gallows.

The flail is black and covered in engravings that show the red color underneath the outer black coating. It has a Flanged head with eight flanges on it four of them extending outward further than the smaller four and a small spike on the top of it. The chain has several notable dried blood stains and is rather scarred, as though something had been struggling against it. There are a pair of four eyes on the four main flanges of the mace which glow red in darkness and emanate a small flame when the weapon speaks. It is heavy and powerful making noise when swung as it pushes the wind from side to side around the head flying through the air. The handle has abyssal runes all over it and has a small guard that is emerald shaped, with a screaming horned demons upper torso being pulled back by a noose decoratively protruding from the bottom of the handle, the grip is smooth and sleek with the many engravings giving it a unique feel when being held in ones hands.

Long Arm of the Law This weapon has the Reach property. You may optionally attack a creature at 15 feet, but attack with disadvantage, unless it is an opportunity attack. If you succeed in attacking a creature 15 feet away you may pull it towards you to determine how this works count the amount it succeeded by. If you succeed by a 1 they are pulled 5 feet towards you, if by a 2 they are pulled all the way next to you, if by a 3 they move 5 feet towards and are prone, if by a 4 they move all the way towards you and are prone.

Hangman You give the flail a few spins and cast it out at your opponent aiming right for their neck. This ability can be used on a target with in 10 feet of you that are no more than one category larger than you (I.E. a medium wielder could do it to a large creature, but a small wielder could not), they are considered grappled and must pass a Strength saving throw (DC 15 + your strength modifier) The DC increases by 2 every time they fail. They take 4d6 damage in the form of suffocation, unless they don't have to breathe to survive. When you use this to grapple a creature then you can pull it towards you and push it away, but it must remain within 10 feet of you and it will follow you when you move, but you move at half speed. If you reduce something to 0 hit points via the suffocation effect, then roll 2d12, you receive the number you roll as temporary hit points, their effect ends at the end of the encounter.

Your Just Deserts When a creature makes a melee attack on a friendly creature adjacent to you, you may immediately make an attack on them, if an opponent kills an ally adjacent to you, instead of an attack , you may choose to take the damage instead, but you are considered vulnerable to it.

On the Lam When you hit an opponent with a critical strike they must make a Charisma DC 16 + your charisma modifier. If they fail they are frightened of you. This effect is only triggered once, and it resets at dawn

Last stand of the Law When reduced to zero hit points you may make an attack against whoever reduced you to zero hit points, assuming of course they are in range, it is considered a critical strike, and if the target dies you return to 1 hit point. If it was a ranged attack and they are not in melee range, you cannot use this feature, if it is an inanimate object or already dead, you cannot use this feature.

To Protect and Serve If you strike an innocent person who has done nothing to deserve it with Slipknot, then they take no damage and the attacker takes the damage instead.

Sentience. Slipknot is a Neutral Evil flail with intelligence:12 Wisdom: 14 Charisma: 16. It speaks abyssal and any language its wielder speaks, and communicates with whoever is touching it. The voice it speaks in changes at random, sometimes it stays the same for days, sometimes it changes mid sentence, know voices consist of an introverted recluse, a young teenage girl, a fat lawman, and a voice that is unnatural and doesn't sound like any kind of normal race.
Personality. Slipknot is a stoic Regulator of justice. It believes its wielder should put forth great effort to make corrupt pay, be it by killing corrupted and evil kings or by slaughtering a coven of hags. It cares not for simple and random niceties, but does see honor in helping someone who has been wronged be it by making them feel better or by bringing the ne'er do well who wronged them to justice. It is important when the DM role plays this weapon that they recognize the difference between the weapons personal definition of Justice and being nice. Helping girls find bears is nice and all, but forcing criminals to justice is what really pleases this weapon. At the end of the day, though the weapon will never admit it, it's obsession with Justice is just a facade, for an insane and vindictive personality, this becomes evident as it will demand much harsher punishments to those who have wronged it or the wielder of it, for instance if a child is caught stealing from a vendor the weapon may demand the return of the pilfered goods and a slap on the wrist, but if the child stole from wielder, odds are the weapon would see death as being in order. It can feel sympathy as well as, when it see someone suffering in ways it has suffered it will likely demand the killing of those inflicting such suffering, this is one of the things that seems that it would reveal the background of the soul, but sadly does not as it will command the killing of anything from bullies to corrupt policemen. If the wielder continuously does unjust evil (yeah to kill someone horribly is on paper wrong, but in the eyes of Slipknot a murderer deserves the same thing they did), wrongs the innocent, or continuously lets thieves and criminals out their grip without justice, or refuses to bring about the weapons cruel and evil version of justice then a conflict will occur.

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