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Weapon (spear), rare (requires attunement)

As you hold this weapon, running your fingers along the rough grain of the shaft, studying it, willing yourself to understand it a name comes to you: Piercing Twilight. More of a description than a name. Neither light nor dark a weapon of balance, of equilibrium. An ancient weapon… a broken weapon. Holding it you feel it’s power. A fraction, a fragment of what it once was and a wish to be whole once more. Command phrase: “Pierce the darkness; Cleave the light”

Description: 6ft long from butt to tip, and 1 inch in diameter. In its radiant form the shaft is made of a deep black wood that does not seem to have been stained black, its natural roughness seemingly unsanded. The spear head is short and crescent shaped, curving back towards the shaft, leaving a convex blade on the end. Made from a smooth fire opal that glints with beautiful multi-colored lights. Slightly weighted towards the spear head. Falling into a practice kata you find its weight aligns best with lion stance, which uses the momentum gained by a slightly unbalanced staff to whip the spear in an almost continuous arc around the wielder while spinning. In its necrotic form the shaft becomes a smooth bright white wood, the grain of which spirals upward rather than being straight along it. The spear head is tri-bladed long and thin, made of roughly cut onyx. Though the blades are rough the edges themselves are extraordinarily sharp. Weighted slightly towards the butt you find snake stance to fit this weapon, with it’s use of feints and rapid fire jabs.

Piercing Twilight has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.
At twilight you may speak this weapons command phrase to cause it to change form.

In radiant form (black shaft), this weapon does slashing damage and deals an additional 1d4 radiant damage.

In necrotic form (white shaft), this weapon does piercing damage and deals an additional 1d4 necrotic damage.

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