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This page is part of the Vanchilia campaign setting. It uses a homebrew attunement requirement in which you must be using the vanchilla campaign setting, and the weapon's effects scales in a non-standard way compared to other magical items.

Weapon (greatsword), legendary (requires attunement by a character that has defeated Aknamkanon in Vanchilia and has placed it on his throne.)

The Sword of Vanchilia is the sword used by the overlord of Vanchilia. It is named after his late wife Vanchilia, and is used in all his battles. The Sword of Vanchilia can only beheld by the ruler of Vanchilia Aknamkanon until he dies and a new ruler is called upon.

When a creature gets a critical hit with this magic weapon the weapon deals an additional die of damage.this weapon also deals double damage to celestials.

The Sword of Vanchilia

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