REKT (Rapidly Escalating Kill Tactic) Weapon (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (any), legendary (requires attunement)

This enchantment shouldn't exist. But thanks to the ruthlessness of a long dead mage and the apathy of the fates it does.

That Escalated Quickly. When a creature is first hit, after damage is resolved, it must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw. On failure, the creature becomes affected by an increasing set of effects until the end of your next turn. If you continue to hit the creature on subsequent turns, the effect continues to extend until the next turn, and increases/the next affect applies in the following order:

  • the creature becomes vulnerable to the damage type(s) dealt by the weapon. If it was initially resistant or immune it drops a level of that protection until it becomes vulnerable. For example an immune creatures becomes resistant on the first hit, takes normal damage on the second and becomes vulnerable on the third.
  • its movement speed is reduced by 5ft per hit, until it is halved. This effects all its movement modes.
  • its maximum HP is reduced by the damage taken. After the first reduction, the next effect triggers, but subsequent reductions still occur.
  • its AC is reduced by one, until it is 10 + half its Dexterity bonus.

The effect progression continues unless you miss, do not attack, attack it by different means or attack another creature, at which point all effects (but not the damage) are immediately removed. If you attack them again, they make another saving throw, potentially resisting the effect. A creature that succeeds on the saving throw cannot be affected again until you have killed another creature or 24 hours have passed.

No Mercy. If you roll a natural 1 when attacking with this weapon, you immediately take the full value of what the attack would've dealt as a critical (including vulnerability, if applicable) plus an extra d6 for every effect level you had active on the creature you were attacking. This damage is psychic and cannot be resisted or reduced in any way. If you are reduced to 0 hitpoints as a result of this damage, you die instantly.

Unnatural Enhancements. If you kill a target with a critical strike, you can enhance the enchantment of this weapon in the following ways:

  • Add damage enchantment: choose a type of magic damage (ie fire, lightning, force etc). The weapon now does an additional d6 of that damage type. It also imparts vulnerability to that damage type, as per the rules above.
  • Add bonus: The weapon gets +1 to damage and attack rolls. This can be stacked three times to arrive at a +3.
  • Improved DC: Raises the DC of the weapon by 1. The DC cannot be raised past 20 this way.

Enhancing the weapon requires re-attuning to it during a short rest, after the criteria is met. All enhancements reset if you unattune the weapon, drop to 0 hitpoints, or die.

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