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Weapon (Quarterstaff or nunchaku), very rare (requires attunement)

Damage (bō)- 1d8+1 bludgeoning One handed, 1d10+1 bludgeoning Two handed

Damage (nunchaku-) 3d4+1 bludgeoning

A Tasogare is a quarterstaff or nunchaku made of Bamboo that has been altered by a soen sa monk to channel and harness the mystic energy of Ki. The Tasogare looks like a dark bamboo bō or nunchaku unless an attuned wielder spends their action to engulf it in shadow. Once this is done, the Tasogare appears to be imbued with pure shadow and small tendrils of ethereal darkness pulsate along its length.

Forging a Tasogare: A Tasogare must be created by a soen sa monk (one who has at least obtained the power of Empty Body) who is a disciple in the Way of the Shadow. The monk who creates this weapon must use the Darkness and Pass without Trace spells with ki to shape the shadows around living bamboo (the creator must begin with a bamboo shoot that is still alive and has not been shaped or cut by a tool). Starting at dawn, the monk must expend 8 ki points before the next dawn to alter the Ki of the shadow to be able to receive the Ki of its attuned wielder. Each time the monk does so he/she takes 1d10 necrotic damage as the Tasogare reacts to the transformation. To successfully create a Tasogare, the monk must succeed a wisdom check of 12 or higher. The monk cannot rest or be healed during this time. A monk that fails the attempt to create a Tasogare will forever lose the ability to fashion one. A successful monk may then use the Tasogare for him/herself or bestow it upon another. A monk that creates a Tasogare immediately knows the steps to attune it.

Attunement: A creature that wishes to attune itself to a Tasogare must use it to kill 4 enemies; two per day for 2 days (each day starting at dawn). During this time the wielder cannot attack any creatures unless using the Tasogare and/or unarmed strikes or the count resets. Before the Tasogare is attuned to its wielder, it has the stats of a normal quarterstaff or nunchaku with -3 to attack and damage and feels heavy to the point of being burdensome. Each consecutive day of kills as described above adds +1 to the modifier on the dawn of the next day and becomes longer and thicker. On the dawn of the fifth day, the wielder must hold the Tasogare as it pulsates in his/her hands (The Ki of the wielder leaving its body and melding with the Tasogare). The creature must make a Constitution check of 15 or higher or the creature cannot stand the pain and lets go of the Tasogare. A monk can expend 2 ki points to retry the roll until either he/she runs out of ki or succeeds. A failed attunement makes it so the creature cannot re-attempt attunement with any Tasogare for at least a year and the creature's hit points are reduced to half of what they were before the attempt from necrotic damage. The creature also takes a permanent 1d10 off of their hit point maximum. A successful attempt reduces the creature to 1 hp and cosmetically it appears as though the veins running from the creature’s forearms down through its hands are blackened with necrosis, but the creature has no symptoms of necrotic damage in his/her limbs despite its visual appearance.

Inner Darkness: After attunement the Tasogare feels as light as if it were made of wax wood to its wielder and strikes with 1d8 one-handed and 1d10 when wielded with two-hands (bludgeoning damage) with a +1 to attack and damage (+2 at level 16). Its wielder can spend an action to emit shadows from the Tasogare, draining 1d12 hp or 1 ki point. When shadowed, the Tasogare looks like a staff or nunchaku imbued with dark energy and small tendrils of ethereal darkness writhe along its length. During this time, dim light within a 20 ft radius around the Tasogare becomes darkness and any nonmagical light or magical light below 3rd level is extinguished. All damage the Tasogare deals is necrotic damage. A creature that is not attuned to a Tasogare will take 1d6 necrotic damage if it tries to grab the Tasogare and takes 1d6 necrotic damage if it starts its turn touching the Tasogare. When a blow is landed with the Tasogare or the blow misses the creature's AC by 3 or less, the creature being attacked takes 1d4 necrotic damage from the staff as its flow of Ki is disrupted.

Shadow Ball: As an action, you can expend 2 ki using the darkness spell provided by the shadow monk feature to create up to 5 balls made of shadow and launch them towards your enemies. Each enemy must make a save of 8+ your Proficiency+ your Wisdom modifier to be engulfed in an area of shadow. Creatures within this sphere are surrounded by 10 feet of darkness and all nonmagical light within 20 feet of them becomes dim light. Their vision is obscured, giving them disadvantage on attacks and ability checks relying on sight. Creatures with Blindsight have advantage on this saving throw, and those with Truesight are immune. You can then immediately use your Shadow Step feature to take the attack action against a creature with the Tasogare.

Shadowbind: After you successfully land an attack with Tasogare after using Misty step, you can expend 1 Ki to disrupt the ki of an enemy. The enemy must make an 8+Wis+Proficiency Wisdom saving throw or have its speed reduced to 0 until the end of its next turn.

Shadow Mine: You can manipulate the shadows around you to bind your enemies to either trap or evade your enemies. While in dim light or darkness, you can spend 3 ki to occupy a 5 foot space with bands of shadow that will hold a passing enemy. Up to 3 creatures Huge or smaller that pass within a 10 foot cube of this square must make a DC10+Dex+Wis Dexterity saving throw or be bound by the shadows and fall prone while having their movement reduced to 0 hit points. Creatures wearing Heavy Armor have disadvantage on this saving throw. On a successful save, the creatures current movement speed is halved for the rest of the turn. An enemy bound by the shadow mine is considered surprised to the caster.

Shadebreaker: Whenever you reduce an enemy to 0 hit points while they are surprised, stunned or incapacitated, you can use the Tasogare to absorb the disruption of ki to restore 1 ki point a number of times up to your Wisdom modifier(minimum 1.) You must complete a long rest to restore the uses of this feature. Blinded creatures or those who have their vision obscured are considered surprised after using the Misty Step Feature.

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