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Weapon (dagger), rare (minor) (requires attunement)

A brutal tool, pioneered by the horrid blacksmiths of the nine hells, the fiendseeker is a dagger built wholly from the body and soul of a demon.

Within the flesh-like dagger is the still living form of the demon, the rage ever present. This rage is honed by the smiths, originally towards it's own kind, granting it special power over other demons.

The fiendseekers were rather popular weapons among the generals of the blood wars, at least those who could afford them. They were capable of rending most of the scum they came across even in the off-hand, alongside being capable of completely disabling priority targets. It was not long until the enemy had their hands on them, however, and this hatred was pointed towards their creators. In the modern day, even the yugoloths and other minor categories of fiends have fiendseekers made to kill them.

Magical. The fiendseeker counts as magical for the sake of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical damage.

Hatred. Every fiendseeker has it's hatred pointed towards one specific subtype of fiend, which is chosen when it was created. When the text mentions "hated subtype", it refers to this subtype.

Hellfire. The fiendseeker does an additional 1d4 fire damage on a hit. Against this fiendseeker's hated subtype, it ignores resistance and immunity and deals an additional 1d4 fire damage.

Weakening. When you throw this weapon at this fiendseeker's hated subtype, on a hit, the fiendseeker is lodged into their body. They must make a DC 18 Constitution saving throw, or be paralyzed until the fiendseeker is removed. They can repeat the save every hour.

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