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Flute Blowgun

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Flute Blowgun 25 gp 1 piercing, range = 25/100 1 lb. Ranged, loading

To an untrained eye, the item appears as a normal flute. The difference is that it is designed to be played at any angle, while traditional flutes are played pointing off to the musician's side. However, the body of the flute conceals a blowgun. Pressing a small button on the bottom triggers the release of the dart, sending it the direction the flute is pointing. The stats for this instrument are identical to the stats of the standard blowgun. Proficiency in the instrument is required to play it, and proficiency with martial weapons is required to shoot it. However, the DM can remove one of those requirements to make it a more accessible option for Bards.

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