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Weapon (longbow), Very Rare (Requires attunement)

Stiganfal (Translated from Giant as Light-Attack)

This item is a pair of black gauntlets, the left and a full glove, whereas the right only has the middle three fingers with a black, thick leather. On the back of these gloves are deep blue lightning bolts, that when closely observed, you can see blue bolts of energy shooting across sporadically. When the gloves are equipped, the wearer feels a small jolt of energy shoot through them and their hairs stand on end. After that temporary effect, the wearer feels a dull throb of energy in their hands while being worn. Here comes the cool stuff. On their turn, the wearer can put their left hand out like holding a bow, then pull their right hand back in an action similar to nocking an arrow, and a bow is formed in your left hand and in the right a string being held by the three covered fingers and an arrow, all made by pure lightning. This lightning is a sparkling blue, and in rain the energy will jump out no more than an inch (more of an aesthetic thing, the energy doesn't hit the wielder). The way a wielder can damage themselves it if their un-gloved thumb or pinkie finger touches the string, then it does 1d4 damage to the wielder.

Now to the meat and potatoes of the weapon.

Emits bright light 20ft radius and dim light out to 40ft

This weapon can be treated as a longbow for proficiency purposes, magical for overcoming resistances to non-magical attacks, and it deals lightning damage. Your ranged weapon attack deals 2d6 lightning damage on hit, and if the creature being attacked is wearing metal armor, such as plate or chain mail, they take an extra 1d6 lightning damage. If the target is soaked, or emerged in water, the electrocution causes their muscles to seize up and they lose their reaction until next turn. Firing the bow gives off a thundercrack audible up to 300ft

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