Frost Lance (5e Equipment)

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weapon (quarterstaff), very rare (requires attunement)

A magical quarterstaff forged from a chunk of blue ice yet warm to the touch. Infuseed with the soul of an ancient silver dragon, the staff radiates her cold temperment and freezes any who touch it, save those who she recognises as worthy.
The staff has 3 charges. The wielder can cast ice javilin, forming three crystalline spears of ice that instantly stike their target for 1d4+1 cold damage, up to three times or expend all 3 charges to cast frost lance, forging the staff into a magical draconic lance and making a ranged spell attack on a single target within 120ft. On hit, it deals 4d10 cold damage and the target must make a Constitution saving throw, on failed save the target is frozen for one minute. If the target succeeds it is frozen for one round and takes no additional dmg.(on the end of the second round if the target is still frozen) it explodes taking 1d10 cold and 1d10 force damage and any Creatures within 10ft must succeed a dextarity saving throw or be frozen for one round. On expenditure of all charges the staff takes 2 rounds to regenerate, however the charges only regenerate on a long rest. A sorcerer wielding this weapon my choose to expend 5 scorcery point (max 15) to regenerate up to 3 , however Frost lance may only be used oncer per instance.)

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