Murasame, One Cut Killer (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Katana), Legendary (requires attunement)

The Sword of the First Emporer to protect his eternal empire. The blade is cursed and anyone who recieves even the smallest cut by the blade is overtaken by a curse of black words that crawl along the skin. The curse reaches the heart within seconds, if the victim has less than 100 hp left,make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw +1 for each subsequent cut with Murasame. If the victim succeeds its saving throw it instead takes 5d10 magical poison damage,(negating resistances and immunity if creature has a heart.)

'''Little War Horn''' The user cuts themselves with the blade taking 3d8 slashing, they are restrained until their next turn as the curse takes effect. Red words creep from the cut and to the user's heart, remaining as scars once the effect has ended. The wielder's iris's turn red, and the Sclera's black. As the full weight of the curse is brought down upon the wielder and they take responsibility for all of the lives Murasame has taken. Heavy rain begins to fall and only lightens up when the wielder ends the effects or is unconscious.

This weapon gives these effects to the wielder.

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