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Weapon (variant warhammer), legendary (requires attunement)

This large warhammer was made by a blacksmith who worked tirelessly and invested his heart and soul into it's creation. The hammer has a broad head like a forge hammer incrested with glowing white and fire red runes. The handle is black with a vein of white energy gliding down it with a hooked cap.

Basic Attack: Uses strength modifier +3 to hit, does 3d6+strength modifier bludgeoning damage (May add proficiency if proficient in warhammers).

Ignite: The head of the hammer ignites in holy fire. Hammer now deals an additional 2d4 fire and 2d4 radiant damage on a hit. (Can be activated or dismissed at will) When Ignite is activated, the hammer will provide 10ft bright light and an additional 10ft dim light.

Holy Smite: (Must have triggered Ignite) Lashes out with the hammer and gains an additional 2d4 radiant damage and 2d4 fire damage on a successful hit (Cost a bonus action).

Wrath of the Smith: (Must have triggered Ignite) Call upon the wrath of the Goddess of the Forge and deal an additional 3d12 fire damage on a successful hit. (Cost a bonus action to use; can only be used once per combat).

Strike Iron on Iron: (Only applies to forge clerics) Add +2 to your AC.

Strike Iron on Steel: On a critical hit on any armored enemy -1 to target AC (Only applies if enemy is wearing armor, natural armor does not apply).

Born of Fire and Steel: (Only applies to level 17 Forge Cleric) Any Fire damage taken is absorbed and added at temporary hp.

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