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Weapon (versatile, finesse), Artifact (by a sorcerer)

This scythe was made in the forges of mechanus by an elven sorcerer as a gift to the high council. When the elf brought it to the high council they rejected the gift as it was seen as an insult to them as for when they tried to use it it would burn their hands when they touched it. The council sentenced the sorcerer to death by decapitating him with the weapon he made. They hired a cleric to prevent the scythe from burning their hands. the man was executed in the capital city in the public market, but when he was slain his body disappeared into thin air, an what was left was a hooded figure that wielded a scythe. The figure still roams the planes of existence and culls the souls of powerful beings, and those with immense magic.

This weapon can only be used by sorcerers, wizards, and warlocks. Wielding this scythe causes the wielder to absorb part of the magic metal into their body raising their AC by +5. The power surging through the scythe grants advantage on life saving throws, but if the scythe is removed from the caster while making saves they gain disadvantage. The magic in the staff grant the wielder 5 extra sorcery points ignoring the wielders class. This scythe also acts a magic focus and grants the wielder the ability to cast god speed strike, you can cast this 1d4+charisma modifier times per day. This doesn't take up a spell slot or readied spell. Due to the scythe's unruly weight the movement speed is decreased by 5 feet The scythe has the ability to hide itself if willed to do so.

God Speed Strike:

5th level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: self

Components: somatic (must take a quick step in the desired direction)

Casting time: instantaneous

Classes: sorcerer

This spell accelerates the target at close to the speed of light in one direction 20 feet cutting the target with their current weapon. The target must make a DC 20 dexterity saving throw or take damage equal to the caster's drawn weapons normal attack or if bare handed 1d4+spell attack modifier. The caster can spend 1 sorcery point to continue the spell by slashing targets hit by the spell again, this can continue until the caster runs out of sorcery points.

Return: Once per short rest a player can open a portal in any surface or unoccupied space to any location marked with a sigil on it. this causes a player to teleport to any unoccupied space directly on either side of the surface with a marked sigil. in the event of the portal being trapped, blocked, or submerged, the player will not set off traps, appear in the nearest unoccupied space to the portal, and will appear on the nearest shoreline if under water. The sigil is a sundial carved into any surface

Rend time: Once a player reaches level 5 they gain the ability to re-roll the dice of any saving throw or ability check while the weapon is drawn. This can be used up to 1d10+proficiency bonus per long rest. You must take the new outcome or use the effect again.

Condense Space: When a player reaches level 10 They gain the innate ability to change an objects size up to 500 ft in any dimension. This ability can not change the weight of an object, only it's density and area. Objects under this effect can't become singularities. This can be cast 1d8 times per day.

Time Loop: Upon reaching level 15. Time itself becomes yours to command, it bends itself around key event within an hour of the casting. time will continue to repeat this event until you get the desired outcome, or the DM says the event can't have a different outcome. This doesn't work inside of combat.

Warping: Upon reaching level 18, while in combat as a free action or reaction to a attack the player immediately moves to an open space withing 60 feet of the original space,this is left for the DM to decide, this can't activate attack of opportunity, or cause the character to flee from combat, if used as a reaction the character takes half damage. This can be used 1d4+proficiency bonus and dexterity modifier (max 10).

Portals: Upon reaching level 19 you gain the ability to open any portal at will. this allows you to travel to any plane of existence marked with either a teleportation gate, or a mythril staff and inscribed circle. this works like the gate spell. This can be used once per long rest, and remains open until closed or the caster dies."

Control Fate: Once the player reaches level 20 they gain the ability to change their fate (rolls, encounters, saving throws, fights, deaths, and memories, and future events), this works a lot like wish, but it the DM can't effect the immediate outcome of the ability, but can effect how it changes events. The restriction for the DM is that they can't kill the player when they use the effect of change the current level and equipment of the player. This can be cast once every 1d8+Charisma modifier WEEKS.

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