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Weapon (dagger), very rare

the daggers of Euphoria and Enticement, long ago. they were the result of a ritual, were the currently uncivilized humans were to sacrifice two incredibly beautiful Elven woman to their god, in order to prevent undesired beings the other races called, "demons" from entering the lands. and so, they decided that only the two best warriors could capture the Elven woman and bring them to the other humans safely. the humans held a tournament, consisting of many humans. one day, two brothers, twins in fact, entered the tournament. one used two dual , and the other, merely used a fey longbow. they soon fought their way to the top, and won the tournament. when the fateful day came, they left on their journey, and soon captured the two Elven woman. the woman's name's were Euphoria, and Enticies. on the way back to the human lands, the woman and the brothers gained an unusual bond. each man fell in love with the one of the woman. the woman also fell in love with the men as well. to Euphoria, went the man Dagering, the brother that used the dual daggers. Enticies, however went to the other brother, Bowlenar. they new, that their love could not last, so they prayed to a goddess, the goddess of love. the goddess of love new how they felt, and soon made a plan. she went down to the brothers and the woman, and asked them if their love was true. they gave her an answer of yes, and so she took the souls of the lovers, out of the bodies, and then changed the materials of the bodies. from the bodies, she made the daggers of Euphoria and Enticement, as well as the twin Bows of cupid. she then wove the souls, back into the bodies, or rather weapons. none of these weapons can ever be separated, and even if you try, they will teleport, to the location of the other weapon. each of these weapons, can transform into the form the most beautiful women, or man you can imagine, as long as you (the name of the weapon)appear. these beings, will not be clad, and must do everything you tell them to do, but if the goddess of love finds the task impossible then they will not be forced to do the task, but depending on the bond they have with their owner, compelled. an example of a task that they cannot do, is embarking on a full quest by themselves, however they can accompany you. they can do a lot of useful things, almost anything you can imagine, unless the dungeon master dubs it impossible, for a mere mortal to do, or the player to do as well. the beings are also not clad, because they can only be out of their weapon forms, for 72 hours before they revert back, for a rest.

the two daggers each do 1d6 damage, instead of 1d4, and the user has proficiency on a charisma saving throw. whoever is cut with the blade of Euphoria, permanently has uncontrollable Euphoria, where the character is unbelievably happily, an they cannot control their happiness. they keep getting more and more happy, to the point of where they go insane. the character cut with it, also has hallucinations on starting on their turn after being cut. anybody cut with the blade of Enticement, has to make a DC25 Charisma saving throw. anybody that fails the save, immediately becomes permanently charmed, and falls in love the person that cut them forever. they have fallen in love, to the point of doing anything that the person who cut them ask. Even kill them self. on a succeeded save, they are not affected by the daggers ability for that cut. if they were cut again, and failed the throw, they would still be affected. any of people affected by these blades abilities, can never be healed of the condition they got from the blade.

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