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Weapon (Shortsword), Artifact (requires attunement by a Neutral creature)

This mundane looking shortsword has a wider than usual blade. With a handle wrapped in a blue cord, this weapon could easily be passed over by an unaware party.

This weapon will gladly bestow its powers to you, assuming you are on good terms with it. Because Zyikurru's personality is shifting from day to day, you may have convinced it to give you help the day before, but it is angry with you today. The personality will change only once per day, at sun rise.

Zyikurru will range from a +2 to a -2 weapon. It has the ability to deal up to an additional 2d6 cold damage, or heal the opponent for up to 2d6. The effects at any given time are determined by the DM, but you can make a charisma check to help sway the weapon to doing your bidding.

Sentience. True Neutral; Intelligence 18, Wisdom 15 and Charisma 20; sees and hears through the wielder, Speaks Common and any language that the wielder knows
Personality. Ever-shifting personality

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