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Weapon (small pistol), legendary (requires attunement by a character with lawful alignment)

A pair of pistols, once wielded by a peacekeeper famous for his strict policies on crime. It is said that when a gunslinger wields both Law and Order, they become the best shot in the realm.

Unless you are attuned to both guns, Law and Order will functionally be two normal four-shot pistols. If you have attuned to both pistols, they become two +1 pistols with the following traits:

Reload: You can fire this gun 4 times before reloading. Reloading takes an action.

Judge and Jury: If you have Law in your main hand, you may add +2 to attack rolls with Law or Order.

Executioner: If you have Order in your main hand, Law and Order can each do an extra 1d8 damage once per turn.

The Quick: If you have Law in your off-hand, when you are targeted with a weapon attack, you may fire Law or Order once at the attacker.

And the Dead: If you have Order in your off-hand, once a turn, when you kill an enemy with either Law or Order, you are granted an extra Attack action.

Justice is Blind: You may only activate this trait if you have both Law and Order equipped and are attuned to both. Once per long rest, you can use your bonus action to enter Justice is Blind, which lasts for 1 minute. During that minute, all of the above features are active, regardless of which hand is holding which weapon. Furthermore, as long as you have at least 1 bullet in both gun's chambers, you do not require ammunition. If you let go of one or both of the weapons, you lose the effects of Justice is Blind.

Law has a stylized L on its grip, and Order has a stylized O.

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