Axe of the Hunter (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (any axe), rare (requires attunement)

You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls with this magic weapon.
This weapon's heavy wooden haft is covered in Dwarvish lettering inlaid with gold. It reads "In the midst of the hunt, I am dominant."
Whenever you make a successful melee attack against a creature with this weapon, you may choose to make that creature your sworn enemy. If you do, you deal an additional 1d6 damage to the target whenever you hit it with a weapon attack. This effect lasts until the target drops to 0 hit points, you dismiss it with a bonus action, or 1 hour has passed. You cannot have more than one sworn enemy at a time. Once you have named three enemies your sworn enemy with this weapon, you cannot use the effect again until the next dawn.

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