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Weapon (longbow), legendary (Attunement Required)

This bow is made with only the most pure of materials, making it most alluring and valuable and giving it the property of shedding dim light within a 5 foot radius. It is adorned with fine carvings and extravagant metalworkings, but only one mark signifies this bow from all others. On the front of the handle, there is the symbol of the plane, Mount Elysium, which is brutally crossed out. This symbol is often hidden by a strap of leather or other grip. If a creature views this weapon with truesight, it's true form is revealed as a hideous bow of black and red iron and volcanic rock with a thorn covered string of demon sinew. If a character of good alignment is attuned to the weapon, Succubi/Incubi are drawn to the character to seduce, murder, and steal the bow from. If the bow falls into the possession of a fiend, they are most likely to disguise as an adventurer and hand the bow over to a priest of a good aligned diety.

The properties of Fallen Angel include the light properties listed above, also it has a +3 bonus to hit and to damage. Also, it has disadvantage firing at fiends and advantage firing at celestials. If the target of the bow is within 10 feet of a celestial, it will aim for the celestial instead. Additionally, if the weapon successfully hits a celestial, the target will take an extra 2d6 fire damage and will have disadvantage on saving throws, ability checks, and rolls to attack while the arrow is embedded in the celestial, removing an arrow takes an action. If the wielder of the bow is good aligned and rolls a 1 while firing the bow, a charge is wasted and an Erinyes devil appears in the unoccupied space nearest to the character (appearing above if needed) and attacks them. On the contrary, an evil-aligned creature wielding the bow may use an action and one of the bow's charges to summon an Erinyes devil who will fight for the creature for 1 hour. Fallen Angel has 3 charges maximum and regains 1d3 charges daily at midnight.

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