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Weapon (greatsword), rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) (requires attunement with a Strength score of 19 or higher)

Many blacksmiths attempt to develop a type of blade that is surpassed by none, and most do reach to their goals by implementing certain methods to either make the steel extremely light, or shift the balance of the weapon to gain the best momentum. However, few ingenious blacksmiths manage to employ magical tools to create extremely large weaponry, capable of causing great amounts of damage with a single swing. Such weaponry are created from a single six feet solid piece of steel that has been both tempered and enchanted to lose most of its weight; however, even after many attempt to cause the weapon to be less heavy; it still can’t be wielded by any but the most powerful of warriors.

You have a bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. The bonus is determined by the weapon’s rarity.

When making a melee attack with this weapon, you instead deal an extra 2d6 slashing damage, and also double your Strength damage modifier. If you are not attuned to this weapon while using it, you lose its magical and your proficiency bonus to both attacks and damage rolls, and gain disadvantage on attack rolls with it.

A version of the giant blade called
the Buster Sword, Source

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