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Weapon (Great Hammer (2-handed)), Legendary (Requires Attunement ; Requires a strength of 19 or higher to use)

This hammer is a beautifully well-crafted item from a master enchanter and blacksmith. This hammer was created with the purpose of slaying the greater elementals. The hammer is a 4 foot tall hammer, including the rod and the hammers' head. The hammer's head is encrusted with beautiful jewels, seemingly giving the hammer its magical properties. On each side of the hammer's head, there are 5 jewels socketed in a small, arched, line. A ruby, A sapphire, An imperial Topaz, An emerald, and an onyx gem. On each of the hammers' faces, there is a diamond socketed into it. The persons who have crafted this beautiful weapon entrusted it in a great hero's hand, to slay the greater elementals. Failing, the hero died, and the hammer was lost. The fortunate soul who hath found the hammer becomes destined to be the next great hero who attempts their hand at slaying the elementals for good. Those who do not have the strength to wield this hammer and weighed down dramatically, rendering them unable to move but a single step. Every step taken while unable to wield the hammer applies one point of exhaustion to the wielder.

    Elemental Switch    As a bonus action, you can change which gem stone is being drawn for magical energy, changing the damage type of the weapon, and granting access to special abilities you cannot access otherwise. 

Ruby: As an action, you may cast the 3rd level spell "Fireball" from your hammer.

Sapphire: As an action, you may strike the hammer into the ground behind you, and swing upwards from the struck point to in front of you, to cast tidal wave in the direction the hammer was swung.

Imperial Topaz: As a bonus action, you can cast thunder step throwing your hammer to a targeted location within 30 ft, and then shouting "Thunder Step".

Emerald: As an action, you can strike the ground in a location around you, casting "Erupting earth". Instead of the struck location being the focal point for the eruption, it is instead casted from 5 feet around the struck location.

Onyx: As a bonus action, you can shroud the hammer in dark energy. The next enemy you strike with the hammer, is cast upon with the spell "fear" The onyx gem infuses the spell with more energy than usual, changing how this spell works. Instead of an area being feared, the target struck is feared initially, then if they touch another creature, or the initial target is touched by another creature, the creatures that touched/ were touched are feared as well for the same duration.

  • All spells casted from the hammer use their rightful spells listed from the spell compendium. Any DC checks that are needed are based on your strength instead of your spell casting ability.

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