Farron Greatsword (5e Equipment)

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Farron Greatsword

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Farron Greatsword 350 gp 1d10 slashing 6 lb. Versatile (1d8), Finesse

The Farron Greatsword was born of the martial sword techniques of corrupted heroes. The sword comes with a small parrying dagger. When the sword is two-handed, the parrying dagger is equipped in the off-hand. When wielded in this way, the sword is considered versatile (1d8 slashing) and becomes a Finesse weapon. The weapon requires at least 8 hour of practice to be wielded with proficiency in addition to requiring Martial Weapon proficiency.

Parry. When the Farron Greatsword's parrying dagger is equipped in your off-hand, you may use your reaction to parry an opponent's attack targeting you. Roll a Dexterity check against their attack roll. On success, you take no damage and have advantage on your next attack against them.

Evasive Vivisection. When the Farron Greatsword is two-handed, you may leap up to ten feet on each of your attacks this turn, but are still susceptible to opportunity attacks. These movements do not count against your movement speed for the turn. Each leaping attack you make this turn increases your AC by 2 (To a maximum of +4) until your turn ends.

Sweeping Maneuvers. When using the Fighter Battlemaster maneuver "Sweeping Attack" while wielding this weapon with 2 hands, apply the superiority dice roll + 1d4 as slashing damage to all other creatures within 5ft.

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