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Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunement by a creature of good alignment)

This blade was created by an ancient civilization, whose name was lost to time. on the side of the blade, near the base, it reads "Woe to any Fiendish or Undead creature that touches this blade," in Celestial. This weapon has 3 charges.

When someone of evil alignment tries to pick up this weapon, they take 3d6 radiant damage and they are unable to lift it. If a fiend or undead tries to lift this weapon, they also take 3d6 radiant damage even if they are not evil, of which they are considered vulnerable to.

Divine Will. As a bonus action, you may channel the sword's inner power, expending 1 charge to gain advantage on attack rolls with this weapon against undead and fiend type creatures for 1 minute, while imposing disadvantage on any attack rolls those creatures make against the wielder.

This weapon regains 1d3 charges at dawn.

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