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Weapon (Light Crossbow), Legendary

Forged in Shadowfall, Erubus' Chaos is a crossbow used to break people beyond insanity. It is made of a crimson red metal, and cannot be broken by normal means.

Shadow Bolts. Erubus' Chaos does not require ammo.

Corrupt User. If the wielder is not Chaotic Evil, their alignment changes to be Chaotic Evil. In addition, if the user was previously a lawful or good alignment, their hitpoint maximum is reduced by 1/2, rounded down.

Insanity. The bolts of the crossbow break peoples mind. The crossbow has 1d8 charges. You can expend 1 charge to force the target to make a wisdom saving throw against a DC 10 + your wisdom modifier check. If the target fails, they become frightened for 10 rounds.

Shadow Ammo The crossbow's bolts are made of shadows, and can move through them with ease. If you or the target are in shadows, you can add your dexterity modifier + your proficiency modifier to the attack roll.

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