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Weapon (rapier), uncommon (requires attunement by a good aligned paladin that is level 2+)

Swords of the Divine are magical weapons often given to Paladins to help them on whatever journey they may have, and are often gifted to them before they leave for their adventures, though they are obtainable through any church whose deity is good aligned in some way or another that is willing to give it to them. Swords of the Divine are specifically designed to amplify the Paladin's ability to channel spells through his or her weapons, and adds 1 extra damage dice to the damage roll of all "Smite" spells when channeling those spells through this sword. When attacking the undead or fiends, the wielder gains advantage on the attack rolls.

When attacking celestials with this weapon gains disadvantage on your attacking roll, in addition halve the damage you would have done to the celestial creature. When attempting to strike down celestial creatures also take 1 Radiant damage. If consecutive attacks are attempted on a celestial creature using Sword of the Divine, double the Radiant damage received once every time the wielder strikes. This damage is treated as a reaction move by the sword itself, and any resistance to Radiant damage will not apply for the purposes of protecting against this damage. When the damage reaches 16, the paladin must make a wisdom saving throw against their spell save DC or have the weapon burst into radiant damage in their hands, permanently breaking the weapon as well as doing 4d8 radiant damage to any creature within a 5 foot radius around the paladin when it explodes. The damage pool for this trait does not reset at any time, and will only allow for a maximum of 6 attack rolls against celestials before exploding into radiant energy.

When in the hands of anyone other than the attuned paladin, the sword acts as if it were a simple rapier, as with all non-attuned magical items.

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