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Weapon (any sword), legendary (requires attunement)

The instruments of the bards were magical masterwork musical instruments that were extremely effective in the hands of bards. Their powers could only be effectively used by bards, and in fact, any non-bard that attempted to use one of these instruments ran the risk of injury. These swords were created such so other adventurers other than bards could wield their might.

You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. It has the following additional properties.

Vorpal. A sword of the bards functions as a vorpal sword does and has all the properties of one.

Spellcasting. As any instruments of the bards these swords have the capability of storing spells. A wielder can invoke the spells fly, invisibility, levitate and protection from evil and good each once a day, until the sword recharged its magic at the next dawn.

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