Trident of Atlantis (5e Equipment)

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weapon (trident), legendary (requires attunement by a triton)

This trident is one of only a few created for the most powerful and deadly warriors of Atlantis.

Bonuses This weapon gains a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls

Spell Casting This Trident has 10 charges and regains all expended charges after a long rest. While attuned to this weapon, you can expend one of the weapon's charges to cast one of 3 spells.

  • You gain the ability to cast the shape water cantrip at will.
  • You can cast one of the following spells (DC 17) by expending one of the trident's charges. If the spell allows you to do so, you may spend one extra charge to raise the level of the spell. You may raise the spell's level up to 6th level at most:

call lightning, control water, and tidal wave.

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