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The Staff of the Redeemer, Source

Weapon (quarterstaff), legendary (requires attunement by a good creature)

This staff is a symbol of hope and forgiveness to all creatures. Creatures that bear this staff know the importance of peace and love, trying to spread their message in each breathing moment. As a highly advanced version of the quarterstaff, the Staff of the Redeemer deals 2d6 bludgeoning damage. If the Staff of the Redeemer is wielded with two hands, it deals 2d8 bludgeoning damage instead.

Holy Aura. The staff glows in your palm as you hold it, and you feel a strange aura encircling you. So strange, in fact, that it calms your nerves. If you are not wearing armor or using a shield, having the Staff of the Redeemer in your hand grants you a +2 bonus to your AC.

Smite the True Evil. This weapon does 2d6 bonus radiant damage to evil creatures. Creatures are vulnerable to this bonus damage, regardless of resistances or immunities.

Mercy. Bearing the staff in your hands is a non-verbal oath to pacifism. Besides beings of true evil, you feel as though all creatures are able to change their ways and contribute to a peaceful world. This weapon cannot kill any non-evil creature. When an attack from this weapon would cause a non-evil creature to fall unconscious, the creature is instead charmed by you for one minute, becoming peaceful and docile in the process. You can’t order the creature to attack, force someone to make a saving throw, or cause damage to itself or others. This charmed effect ends early if you are incapacitated or if you or your companions attack the creature, deal damage to it, or force it to make a saving throw. When the effect ends, the creature falls unconscious if it still has 0 hit points.

Destroying the Staff of the Redeemer. The staff can only be destroyed if it is brought to the highest level of the seven heavens and returned to the altar from which it was created.

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