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Weapon (broadsword), very rare (Requires attunement by a spellcaster)

An elegant pair of broadswords, the Magus Blades are powerful weapons in the hands of any spellcaster, especially those of a martial bend. Capable of both rending targets and enhancing their wielder, they are a favored tool among most eldritch knights. The Magus Blades count as a single item, for the purposes of attunement.

Weave-Worked. An attuned creature can use the Magus Blades as a spellcasting focus.

Arcane Feedback. When you hit with a spell attack, the Magus Blades become inflamed in the runoff energy. For the next minute, attacks with the Magus Blades deal 1d4 extra damage, of the same type as the spell you cast. After using this property, you must wait a minute to use it again.

Steadied Focus. While holding the Magus Blades, you have a +3 to checks made to maintain concentration.

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