Mithril Pebble of Pig Smiting (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (improvised weapon), legendary

Long ago, this pebble was forged in the fiery pits of Tartarus, by the grand blacksmith of Lucifer himself in a time long before the world began. War upon war was waged in the abyss of pain before it was ultimately bequeathed to the lowliest of peasants, a man named Makenzie. Quickly corrupted by its power, he began a lone siege of the kingdom. Having seized power, war after war was waged, all sourced from the newly-crowned king’s lust for strength. Generations of kings continued his conquest: Yamato, Carrie, Budva, Logan, Bread, and many others were led astray by its perverting power. Each king fought on the front-line of their bloodshed. Finally, another king, blessed by the gods, confronted the pebble with the mighty weapon Demon’s Bane, and felled the depraved regent. For centuries it lay dormant in the vaults, only being unearthed when the kingdom was on death’s door. The finest warrior would be tasked with exclusively wielding both weapons. But treachery! The thief Cocainus had obtained the holy weapon! Confronting him, the pebble’s wielder slew him in a single strike, but not before his foe could reciprocate. And thus, Mardoza, Guardian of the Pebble, fell to his knees, and passed from this world, leaving behind the mighty weapon. For he knew that one day, its power would be required once more.

The legend of the pebble lives on.

The Strongest Weapon. When thrown at a pig, this weapon deals 200d20 necrotic damage.

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