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Elvish Warsword

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Elvish Warsword 100 gp 1d10 slashing 5 lb. Versatile (2d6)

These tall, elegant blades seem to reflect and embody the same grace as the Elvish smiths, and warriors typically seen wielding them. Though many are as tall as greatswords, they lack the cumbersome nature of most other swords their size. They come in many shapes and designs, but be they single edged, or double, leaf bladed or straight, when used properly they are devastating tools of war. Somehow managing to capture the grace of a rapier or saber, in the scale of a much larger blade.

Requirements: Any medium sized humanoid may use an Elvish Warsword as a two handed Greatsword provided they have martial weapon proficiency. To be used with one hand however an Elvish Warsword takes considerable skill to wield. A character requires at least 13 points in Strength and 16 points in Dexterity respectively. The blade's length coupled with its ease to move actually becomes something of an obstacle in the hands of an uncoordinated, or inexperienced user. Despite not having the Heavy quality, small creatures still have Disadvantage on any attack roll with an Elvish Warsword. This is due to the weapon's sheer size, and how it is meant to be used in combat.

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