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Zodiac Mark

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Zodiac Mark 120gp 1d12 (See below) 8 lbs ammunition, heavy, range (80/320), special, two-handed

This curious contraption resembles a large crossbow, and indeed takes crossbow bolts as ammunition, but embedded in the middle is a disc resembling a zodiac wheel, divided into twelve compartments When the thing is wound, it rotates the disc so that the bolt fires through one of the twelve compartments contained within, coating it with a particular damage type.

Zodiac Attack. Whenever you hit an attack with this weapon, the damage type is determined by what number was rolled for the damage dealt:

  1. Force
  2. Thunder
  3. Acid
  4. Necrotic
  5. Psychic
  6. Cold
  7. Poison
  8. Fire
  9. Radiant
  10. Lightning
  11. Slashing
  12. Piercing

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